2018 Business Acceleration Bundles

I've helped my clients double & triple their revenue in a matter of 1-9 weeks, sign 20 clients in 6 months, hit their first 5 figure months in their business, reduce their working time in half while doubling their rates (and effortlessly selling them), eliminate all the stuff they do in their business but don't enjoy (didn't we leave our jobs for a reason helloooo) & create a business that affords a lifestyle they're obsessed with! (PS- my clients, new or not, average service STARTS at $1000-3000!)

Now I want to help you do the same thing & accelerate your service based business for 2018 and beyond, whether you're just starting out & haven't signed clients OR have made a few thousand dollars & want $10k+ months! 

I'm Kierra Jones aka The Shine Strategist™. I'm an International Best Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Coach, & Strategist!

In less than 12 months, I’ve built my international coaching practice from $0 to multiple 5 figure months, taking only 3 months to take my practice from 4 to 5 figure months using my signature Serve & Sell Blueprint™!

I now help established female service based business owners soulfully & strategically scale their business by re-packaging & re-positioning their expertise into premium programs, services, & digital products to a higher end clientele that takes their business from surviving with just a few thousand dollars a month to a thriving 6 figure business that lights up their soul without sacrificing an ounce of their shine or the lifestyle freedom they desire AND deserve while still massively serving & impacting their clients & community from their heart!

So, I've taken my signature blueprint & business models for various service based industries and packaged them into 2 different epic 2018 Business Acceleration Bundles. I've personally crafted a unique, hands on, customized experience for you based on where you are in business that I personally use AND teach my high end clients. And here's 3 strategies to help you start accelerating your growth now. Click the video below. 

Now that you've watched the video, I know you want more! 

  1. Now that you've watched the video fully, you know if you're a Newbie (need to make your first $1000-3000 in business) read the left column below and if you're an Established business owner (wanting to double your revenue to your first $10k+ month) read the right column below. 

  2. Enter your first name & your email under the correct biz bundle best suited for where you are right now today in your business. Again left side for newbies and right side for established business owners!

  3. Then, hit the button & go check your email so you get the right info asap since bundles are limited. (Be sure to check your spam just in case it goes there. This is an email you don't want to miss. Be sure to mark me as a safe sender too). 


Out of the thousands of people who will hear about my 2018 Business Acceleration Bundles, I'm only allowing 10 of you to grab one. Yup only 10! That's how much I'm giving you in these bundles so do fall victim of what so many entrepreneurs who fail do - take time to think about it, ask for permission, or wait then turn around & miss their opportunity. I'm ready to support you, if you allow me!

Because these bundles are limited, I do apologize in advance if you arrive too late & miss out. But you can always join my 2018 client openings wait list. Although you won't be eligible for the 2017 pricing before the prices increase for the new year, you can hold your spot. Reach out to me if you need to join the wait list for those openings. 

In the meantime, for those of you who register below to be notified about your bundles as soon as they drop and actually move forward with working with me, congrats on being a fast action taker & not only talking about it, but walking in your success. I'm so ready to serve you so you can be my next shine success story & I'll see you on the other side soon! 

Be The FIRST to Know About Kierra's Limited Edition 2018 Business Acceleration Bundles



For new & aspiring service based business owners who have a burning desire to create a business around their gifts, expertise, knowledge & experience & want to provide a REAL transformation & impact for their clients' lives!

Who aspire to be called upon as an expert & thought-leader in their industry as a coach, consultant, speaker, &/or author!

Who doesn't just want to create a product to make some money here & there, but wants the step by step blueprint of a money making, marketable, impactful, & profitable expert business for consistent results!

Who want to build a sustainable business with the framework & foundation they can confidently grow with to expand their brand, clientele, & wallet!



You'll get all the details on my Newbie Biz Bundle once you're inside the Wait List. But here's a sneak peek:

  • My epic training to help you assess your strengths & expertise to discover & clarify your niche!
  • My mind blowing dream client deep dive training & workbook so when your client sees your videos or reads your posts/emails/blogs they are like "How does she know THAT about me! I need to hire this woman! Where is the pay button!"
  • My amazing 3 bundle trainings on how to create your very own coaching/consulting framework of how you help you clients & all the details you need to create your very first programs/ products so your clients can leave with results & go tell all their friends who come back ready to hire you too. 
  • My signature step by step blueprint on how my clients & I effortlessly create content like a wildfire that attracts our dream clients & gets them ready to buy! Plus we always have something juicy to take apart that positions us for more clients, speaking, & more. 
  • Access to my complete sales training that is going to crush that fear of selling you have & tackle those nerves of what to say, when to bring up the price, & how to get them to that magical "YES, WHERE'S THE PAY BUTTON!" Plus my call script that has landed my newbie clients their first $1,000 - $3,000!  
  • Bonus access to me as you implement this and MORE into your business in 2018!


And that's like half of what's in the Newbie Biz Bundle!

So be sure to sign up for the wait list so you get all the details and first dibbs if you're serious about your business & are ready finally make 2018 your year to stop allowing excuses & everything in between to keep you from going after your dream! 

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For established service based business owners currently signing clients & making sales, but want to accelerate their growth & double the results you’re already getting into their 6 figure frequency & beyond (talking $8-10k+ months).

Who want to build their brand awareness (speaking, guest opportunities, media, writing) to help claim their industry authority to warrant higher end leads, clientele, & rates!

Who want to re-package your offers so they reflect more of you & how you want to serve in this world & still get paid!

Feel like they're overworking to reach their income goals & stuck charging what they do & want to create more premium offers & a profitable business model without killing themselves, with passive/ residual income streams, & overcome the fear / get to know how to sell at higher rates!


You'll get all the details on my Established Biz Bundle once you're inside the Wait List. But here's a sneak peek:

  • My mind blowing six figure mindset training because making more money working less takes my boss ladies some getting used to! Been there & loving it!
  • Have me review your business model so I can uncover your six figure profit & alignment gaps from the clients you're targeting, your messaging, content you put out, & your offers so we see where we can easily & quickly scale your business & rebuild them together!
  • My epic pricing for profit formula training & support implementing it! 
  • My signature shine & sell from the stage training! If you currently speak or aspire to & want to stop leaving with no money in hand or higher end quality leads, this is going to be your answer to add speaking as a profit generator for 2018!
  • Access to my complete sales training that is going to crush that fear of selling at your higher rates, plus implementation support on inserting my soulful sales strategy into your business & call scripts/sales presentations that has landed my clients $5,000 - $11,000+ clients!
  • Access to a support group of other women exactly where you are in your business for support so you don't feel alone & can learn from them!
  • Bonus access to me as you implement this and MORE into your business in 2018!


And that's only a portion of the Established Biz Bundle!

So be sure to sign up for the wait list so you get all the details and first dibbs if you're serious about your business & making 2018 your six figure year that shines! You are so worthy of more so you can continue to touch more people! Success, wealth, abundance is your birth right, claim it! 

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