Hey love! I’m so glad you’re here.

Something tells me you & I are about to connect on a deeper level & that we may even have a few things in common. If I’m right, lives are about to change!

If you’ve ever felt anything like I did when I started both of my online businesses, then you are a visionary woman with a bigger purpose within! You may have started your business to break free of the corporate life, but now that you've actually had success, you want more! You are an ambitious woman who craves passion, connecting with others on a deeper level, creativity, & freedom!

You spent a lifetime being everyone else’s cheerleader, putting yourself last on your own list, & never giving your dreams a try! Just doing what you were “supposed” to do!

Then, you saw them, the successful women with the freedom based lifestyle you craved doing exactly what they loved AND getting paid for it! So you built up the courage to start this online business ready to make the impact you just knew you were here to make on the lives of others & build a lifestyle you’re obsessed with.

But now that you’ve gotten started & had some really great success, the next level feels impossible! You lay awake at night wondering if YOU can really do this comparing yourself to other women having the very next level of success you want!

#LetsBeReal: The only difference between them and you is they decided to show up, get known, take action and STAY in action ... to get unstuck & shine in a massively unapologetic way!

Quote from Mom for Kierra Jones Visibility Empowerment Coach & Shine Strategist

I’m Kierra Jones, Uplevel Empowerment Coach & Shine Strategist to empire building, world changing service based women entrepreneurs ready to claim their six figure success & beyond aka The Shine Empowerer!

I help empire building visionary women entrepreneurs crush their confidence, money, competence, & visibility blocks so they can claim their six figure success with the clients, cash, & impact they dream about at night! I empower you to build the confidence & mindset you need to unapologetically show up, shine, & explode in the next level of your business. 

I started this business because I spent a lifetime dulling my own shine for the satisfaction of others. 

I worked tirelessly building my corporate career with a Fortune 500 company managing a ton of money & accounts. According to many, I had a “promising future” yet when I approached management about an official promotion for a job I was already doing, I was told to wait 6-12 months. I realized in that moment that I had temporarily given up my power to define my own success & I knew if I was going to create the life I really wanted & deserved, I needed to empower myself to re-define what success meant to me then to take bold action towards it!

So instead of continuing to miserably build someone else's dream, I spent the next 1.5 years at my creativity killin’, soul crushin’ 9 to 5 building a successful online accessory brand empowering women’s confidence through style at www.TheKJonesCollection.com! But something still was missing! I realized I needed to empower women on a deeper level to own their power & confidently shine in their gift! Yet, I was afraid! Could I really be successful? Could I really make enough money in my own business doing something I ACTUALLY loved? What if I failed? Would people think I was crazy to leave behind the security of a paycheck, corporate benefits, & a promising career? Even more, could I really show up as effortlessly as the successful women I saw hosting live streams & webinars like they were having conversations with life long friends? Would people really connect with my story?

Would I be enough?

So what changed?! Well, I did 3 things:

  1. Designed a business infused with my purpose, passion, & inner shine by getting support on my mindset & confidence! For so long, I built someone else’s brand then my own business trying to keep up with the Joneses that I forget how important being unique & standing out to MY clients was to building a fulfilling business I loved! 

  2. Got really clear on who I'm here to serve & how I'm meant to show up in the world! I stopped trying to serve everyone or worry about what others thought & focused on the transformation & value I was providing to the women who needed it. Creating content & programs, building my community, & selling became effortless & fun!

  3. Showed Up! I built my community & shared content they valued which positioned me as an expert. Having an empowered visibility mindset & confidence helped me unapologetically show up, get seen, & become known. I filled my coaching program, booked speaking opportunities, interviews, guest blogging, & became a published author!

I had confidently quit my 9 to 5 to go full time in my international coaching brand, surpassed my monthly corporate salary in 2 months, gained paid clients all over the world, built a community of a few thousand women, & become a speaker & author. I went from employee to empowered entrepreneuress!


As I stepped into the six figure frequency myself, I realized that I had been playing small. I had dreams of being bigger, making money, & touching more lives that I felt guilty about saying out loud.

But, I realized by not showing up & shining in my true purpose, I was doing myself & more importantly, the women who needed to see my shine in a bigger level so they could breakthrough their own light & know how possible it is for them a disservice.  You, my love, deserve to shine!

So if I really want to step into this high earning frequency of abundance, I knew I needed to stop asking for permission, waiting for someone to save me, & take action aligned to my shine. I showed up, shared my story & expertise, & connected with my ideal clients, women just like you! The moment I decided to step into my true shine powers & unapologetically show up, $5k days, $8k weeks, $10k clients, multiple 5 figure months, book & speaking opportunities, and much more began to show up effortlessly. So now, it’s your time to shine! You deserve to experience this too because you have a light worthy of shining in this world!

If you want to confidently show up, shine, and get paid as the powerhouse woman you know you are meant to be in business and life, then I’m your girl!

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