The Monetize Your Expertise &

Shine V l P  Experience

"Unstoppable Confidence with Unlimited Support for Your

Unapologetic Success!!"

Are you ready to unlock your confidence so you can finally show up, shine, & explode as a powerhouse go to in your industry? Are you ready to have all the clients, cash, & impact you dream about late at night without the shame, guilt, or fears that have held you back?

It's time to unapologetically Unlock & Monetize Your Shine™!!

You started your business out of the "corporate frustration."

You know, depending on someone else to dictate your next advancement & how much money you made.

Working on things that just didn't allow you to impact the world the way you wanted to AND your inner boss just wasn't having that! 

So, you started out wanting to prove to others (and deep down yourself) that you could really do this! And now, you've done it!

Kierra Jones Visibility Empowerment Coach & Shine Strategist aka The Shine Empowerer

You've started your business, been packaging your expertise into programs & services, surpassed your monthly income, & making progress towards your six figure success. #Thankful

But, I know through all that success lays a layer of deep challenges you never even thought would be an issue at this level. And even worse, you've been battling them alone & frustrated, questioning your level of accomplishments everyday. You feel like there is something missing! Isn't this success supposed to feel like you're on cloud 9 instead of your stomach turning?!

Are you an empire building woman who has already achieved some success, but really wants to go bigger? Let me guess, you are

  • Wondering if YOU really deserve that $10k client!
  • Doubting if you can keep up with those $20k months & the work associated with it!
  • Shameful of what others may think of your success as a multiple 6 figure entrepreneur!
  • Nervous that people will see you as a fraud, unworthy of this success as if you can't REALLY help your clients!
  • Afraid that you won't have enough value to offer your clients at the level they've invested!
  • Painfully questioning if your family & personal life will suffer because you can't be the boss of your biz & home, right?
  • Fearful that your friends on social media will think "What is she up to NOW? She's never satisfied!"
  • Sorry & feeling ungrateful for even wanting more!
  • Stopping yourself from pushing that Go Live, Publish, or Send button because you don't want to attract any haters!

You know why I get it, because I've been there too! I'm here to tell you that you're not alone, you've simply caught The Uplevelitis™! It's like a radio station you can't turn off. The inner conversation you've been having with & about yourself & your abilities limiting you! And I'm here to help you shine through it! 

After about 1-1.5 years in my first business which I built while I was full time with a Fortune 500 company, I finally got the lady balls to choose me & my dream! I knew my purpose in this world was bigger than a 2% annual raise, bonus based off a division of people whose performance I couldn't control, & having to justify why I was worthy of my next promotion. So when I started my international coaching brand, I simply wanted to surpass my monthly income so I could survive. But, I accomplished that goal in 2 months! 

Once I started my journey to $5k days, $8k weeks, multi 5-five months, it became a whole new beast that NO ONE warned me about! The mindset & support I needed at the levels before were completely different from what I was battling with internally at these new levels. 

I instantly felt ashamed for my accomplishments. I downplayed what I was making to my family afraid they would ask to borrow money or my friends fearful they would think I wasn't me anymore. I felt bad telling my biz friends who weren't quite there yet because I didn't want to make them feel bad.

My coaches kept telling me it was time to build a team, but this business was my baby, how could I release that control. Plus I'm superwoman, I'm not weak! Couldn't I handle it on my own; no one could ever do it the way I could anyway! My videos were getting more shares & views & I was afraid my friends or family would see them! When I would try to explain to them it made me feel like I didn't know what I was talking about, they just didn't get it!

My FB ads were running bringing in hundreds of new people a week into my email list which made me so fearful that people would question the content I was putting out there & label me a fraud & judge me by the way I looked, how I spoke, or my unique quirky ways! 

And let's not even get into the deep nasty not so fun money blocks I had around making thousands of dollars in cash a day, keeping up with it every month, not blowing it on a pair of new shoes, trying to save it all in case it all ran out, and hearing my family in my head say, "Oh, she thinks she's all that!" or people's opinions about successful people being bad like "Who does she think she is!"

Then, one day I got real with myself, my dreams, & the things I wanted. I changed the types of people I allowed in my space, I got support to help me through this new phase, & things began to get fun again & be much easier!

So sure, for most people, $5k months are the dream, but for you it’s merely just the beginning! Yeah, getting your message out there, being seen & heard, & making a huge impact is super important, but you want the money too! You KNOW you’re meant for more! More ready to invest now premium clients! More money! More of a bigger impact! More freedom! And there is NO SHAME in that girl! 


Introducing the Uplevel Support You Need as A Female Coach or Consultant


The Monetize Your Expertise & Shine VIP Experience is more than a program for women transitioning from newbie to established expert in her business & industry, it is the cure to your Uplevelitis™ and even more, it's an experience for empire building, world changing female coaches & consultants tired of getting lost in their own head, feeling alone, & talking themselves out of what they really want because aiming lower feels safer.

This experience is for women, just like you, who know that building & maintaining your confidence & mindset is an EVERYDAY thing that can make the difference between a successful or a sucky new program launch, new team set up, price increase, big money goal, or media/ PR opportunity to share your message & impact on a bigger platform! 

I know some of your goals are to:

  • Effortlessly hit five & six figure months without terribly long complimented & not fun money stories re-surfacing!
  • Build an unshakable 6-figure mindset to handle any challenge thrown your way because let's be real life happens!
  • Consistently show up for your community authentically as you in your voice with your message without feeling drained, resentful, like you're going to be judged, or letting those visibility blocks you've held for so long keep you & your shine hidden! 
  • Finally launch new programs to expand your reach without any fears that THIS launch will be a flop! 
  • Massively up your passive income game without money mindset blocks & procrastination taking over as if money can't be this easy to make! 
  • FINALLY increase those prices without feeling like you need to discount left & right & actually attract clients you love who are ready to pay for it without running tracking them down!
  • Sell your shine (your programs, products, & services) without getting that knot in your stomach!
  • Have consistent days where your work is fun & you feel inspired to create content & new ideas so it's fresh & doesn't feel like a job. (wouldn't it be amazing to have a partner to bounce those ideas off of too!)

And to do this, you need to focus the combination of these 4 critical areas of which I specialize in with my clients. Questioning even just one of these areas WILL limit your true potential when scaling your biz to the next level. 

1. Solidify Your Shine So You Can Scale Your Biz in Full Alignment- Analysis of your business to identify any alignment gaps where you may be leaving pieces of our passion, purpose, & therefore profit on the table. Together we will ensure that you are showing up as the powerhouse you were meant to shine as using the best parts of yourself for the highest impact personally, financially, & amongst your community. 

2. Your Massive Money Making Mindset - Deep dive into the nasty lifelong money stories & rules you’ve associated with your value & worthiness of making & having money so you can 2-5x your price without doubt, finally charge what you really want, & stop sabotaging your success with passive & active income opportunities because of guilt, fear, undeserving feelings, the belief that making money is hard, or any other subconscious money beliefs you hold.  

3. Your Soulful Sales Confidence - After working through your money stories & worth, we dive right into your confidence around selling. I utilize my corporate sales experience managing 5-7 figure accounts with my unique shine & serve approach to empower my clients to soulfully sell in a highly convertible way that feels effortless! You can finally say your price without your stomach twisting & turning or doubting your value giving discounts left & right!

4. Visibility Confidence for Massive Impact - Together, we crush visibility mindset blocks so you can build the visibility confidence you need to massively show up, get known, & shine in your expertise which positions you as an industry go to gal with more impact getting your message out even more, paid speaking events, higher end services & more streams of income in your business, & more media opportunities!

Introducing The Monetize Your Expertise & Shine VIP Experience!


Your 4 month VIP Experience Includes:

  • Two 90 min private Shine Intensive Session with six bi-weekly 45 min private Shine Sessions to follow (these are actual massive money making mindset blowing, confidence building, strategic & profitable aligned & inspired action creating working sessions, not just chats taking up your day!) (Value $3994)

  • Unlimited access during Client Office Hours for Questions, Feedback, or Mindset & Confidence Boosts (Value $1997)

  • Access to any of my courses & trainings under $300 during our time of working together (Value $1200)

  • Also includes:

    • Sales Mindset & Strategy Deep Dive & Online Funnel Creation (Value $2997)

    • Ideal Business Model & Signature Shine System Design Intensive (Value $1997)

    • Ideal Client Deep Dive Review (Value $1997)

    • Profitable Program & Product Pyramid (Value $1997)

    • Customized Visibility & Marketing Shine Plan with 4 Month Content Plan (Value $1997)

    • Designing Your Signature Shine Toolbox (Value $1997)

If you want to confidently show up, shine, & explode in your business so you can get paid as the powerhouse woman you know you are meant to be in business and life, then I’m your girl! Are you ready to SHINE!?


If you're wondering why those a limited number of openings in this program & you know you want to hurry & grab your spot, please know that I put my soul into each & every one of my clients & their shine experiences. I'm not a one night stand kind of girl which for you means I'm not a let me get to know your business for a month or 2 then go away coach. I know you have a business to run so why waste timing having to repeat things & bring someone up to speed about my business & your major blocks that honestly you don't want to revisit over & over! So my promise to you in this experience is to ensure you feel like you have a daily partner because I care about you & your success doing what you love. Your success is my success! 


In this experience, you have me providing you with the unlimited support you need, access to me when you need help tackling those I'm having a stay in the bed with cookie dough ice cream & Netflix kind of days or better yet those I want to throw this computer out the window moments. 


You don't have to hold that BIG, scary, yet exciting goal alone! You don't have to wonder if you are an alien for rejecting your success. You don't have to feel like you have to hide your excitement & be anxious about signing a five figure client, and you definitely don't have to feel weird about typing something like "Kierra, $10k felt easy!" or "I hit $20k finally!"


With your Monetize Your Expertise & Shine VIP Experience & me in your corner as your biggest cheerleader, THIS is your new normal! And to get here, you can't keep up with the same ole mindset doing the same ole things! It can be this easy for you, you don't have to make it hard overthinking every step & you don't have to do it alone. Do you see Marie Forleo running around with 10 hands?! You don't have to sell, sell, sell, then get exhausted & feel like you have to start over again every month, You can get these results faster, easier, & in flow all while having fun & feeling good doing it.  

I invite to enter your very Monetize Your Expertise & Shine VIP Experience!

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