The Serve & Sell Accelerator™ 

A 12-week intimate business accelerator for powerhouse, upleveling, high achieving female service based business owners (coaches, consultants, & service providers) seeking to massively transform the way they see themselves, their expertise, & their potential so they can position themselves & their services as the no-brainer, go to experience, worthy of the high ticket, premium 4 & 5 figure rates they really want to be charging!

This transformational, high touch, results oriented experience was designed with you in mind to help you show up, serve, & sell on a whole new level so you can take your rates, revenue, credibility, impact & FREEDOM to new heights they’ve never been before with EASE & AUTHENTICITY!

Mastermind for Coaches, Consultants, & Service Providers Who Want to Sell High Ticket Programs, Services, & Digital Products

Do you KNOW what you do with your clients is worth so much more that at times, you feel like you’re giving away too much? Yet, you feel stuck charging what you currently do. You literally feel like you're giving your expertise, time, & support away for pennies. But you still can't find the courage + strategy to charge your worth AND actually sell it! It feels like you're missing something!

  • Your messaging no longer aligns as much as it once did & you know you'll need to uplevel your messaging BEFORE you charge higher rates!

  • You've been feeling lead to serve a higher version of the clients & know you'll need to change your audience to make it happen (you might even have had that ONE client that you just wish you could clone & you're wondering how can you get 20, 50, 100 more of that person, NOW!).

  • You've been learning so much more about yourself that you've been expanding who you want to be because you're finally allowing yourself to see all that's possible. But it's been a little scary & you're not sure how to really step 1000% into this powerhouse woman you know you've been holding back. Playing small because it feels safe or is keeping those around you like your partner or your family comfortable. Don't you just want to surround yourself with people who GET IT & won't make you feel like you need to choose, or crush pieces of your dreams, or even hide your greatest?!.

If you're anything like my most successful clients who come from various coaching, consulting, & service industries - Health & Wellness, Business/ Marketing/ Branding, Beauty & Style Consulting, Life / Mindset/ Empowerment Coaching, Relationship Coaching, and more .... yet you want exactly what they did....

  • To feel like your messaging expresses everything you've been trying to say & reflects your value!

  • To know your programs capture the best parts of you & what you were meant to be teaching your clients & offering to the world so it gets your clients the best value! You want to adjust your pricing so it finally feels good charging what you REALLY want to get paid for the AH-MAZING work you do!

  • To work with amazing clients you get excited about getting on the phone with who show up 1000% to work with you & brag about the epic results you helped them achieve!

  • To live your best life & have everything you desire & more!

You just want to unapologetically SERVE AND SELL with the impact AND income you desire & deserve! 

You've signed at least a couple clients & made sales with your programs, services, or digital products (GO GIRL)!

Yet, you're still looking for answers on how to scale your business beyond this in the best way that works for YOU! You've even caught yourself looking at what other people are doing wondering why your uplevel has been so hard. You may even feel like you've been blending in & fading out in the sea of social media post, FB groups, & all the other noise that seems to attract the higher end clients you really want to be working with! You wish you could be satisfied with the success you've had, but this mission on your heart & desire for more just won't go away! 

Mastermind for Coaches, Consultants, & Service Providers Who Want to Sell High Ticket Programs, Services, & Digital Products

For many people, the success you've had & progress you've made these past few months would be the dream, but for YOU my upleveling queen, it's merely JUST THE BEGINNING! 


Inside The Serve & Sell Accelerator™, together, you & I focus on 4 key areas that allow you to gain more visibility, attract amazing clients, charge your worth, serve in the easiest most fulfilling & impactful way, & generate more sales with ease:

Mastermind for Coaches, Consultants, & Service Providers Who Want to Sell High Ticket Programs, Services, & Digital Products

Let me guess, right now you're...

  • Wondering if YOU really deserve a client at double or even triple your current rate!
  • Doubting if you can keep up with those five figure months you desire & the work associated with it!
  • Shameful what others like your partner or family may think of your success as a multiple 6 figure entrepreneur!
  • Nervous that people will see you as a fraud, unworthy of this success as if you can't REALLY help your clients!
  • Afraid that you won't have enough value to offer your clients at the level they've invested!
  • Painfully questioning if your family & personal life will suffer as if you can't be the boss of your life & biz, right?
  • Fearful that your friends on social media will think "What is she up to NOW? She's never satisfied!"
  • Feeling sorry for seeming ungrateful & even wanting more!
  • Stopping yourself from pushing that Go Live, Publish, or Send button because you don't want to attract any haters or get on anyone's nerves or annoying list!
  • Exhausted & frustrated still feeling overworked & underpaid, wondering where the freedom you started your business for is (time with the people you love, time off for yourself, the ability to travel more than once a year, the chance to pursue other passion projects & businesses because your legacy is about more than just this business!)


I get it, because I've been there too & so have my most successful Serve & Sell Accelerators. You're not alone! 

I was there - a high performing, empire-building, ambitious coach extremely passionate about serving & leading my clients to epic results, but also wanting to be compensated well to match the value I was delivering. I was doing what everyone said - serve, give, deliver value ALL FOR FREE! The clients will come!

Hoping the person I gifted with a free call would ask how they could work with me. Waiting for people you got inboxes with free tips to refer me to their friends (who ended up being more "I just want free" people). Posting in Facebook groups ready for people to inbox me about my services only to get a bunch of likes or nothing at all. Sharing awesome content in my own group that seemed to be going into a dark hole of crickets; waste of my time!

Kierra Jones Visibility Empowerment Coach & Shine Strategist aka The Shine Empowerer

Then, when I got people on a call to sell my program, it felt like my rates were the hardest thing to sell. I was on the other end thinking to myself - "WTF! THIS is a STEAL, you're crazy!"

Yeah, I had success between all of that believe it or not & you probably have too. My first few months in business I was bringing in anywhere from $1500-5000! It was cool! I could live off of it & manage my business expenses including whatever coach I had at the time who I was investing about $1500-3000 a month depending on the coach. 

Yup, you did the math right! I was just breaking even since $5000 a month became my consistent income! But that wasn't enough for the life I desired to live! I wanted quarterly vacations - I'm addicted to the beach! I love trying new restaurants! I missed my monthly massages I let go when I said deuces to the corporate life! I wanted to invest more money since I desired to build other businesses! Plus, I knew I would need more team support so I could leverage my time to be more impactful with my clients, do more speaking, enjoy other things I loved, & finally eliminate things that frustrated the heck out of me. (Plus, I missed talking to people on a consistent basis. Am I the only one who feels that way?! So grateful for masterminds!)

  • I wasn't meant to be a cookie cutter coach! I needed a coach who was going to help me uplevel my messaging, content, & offers so I could show up as the powerhouse I had been trying so hard to hide.
  • I wasn't meant to be careful with what I posted! I needed a coach who empowered me to speak my truth, be unapologetic & stand out with my mission & message, all while attracting amazing clients who connected with my story, the way I spoke, & the way I could lead & support them!
  • I wasn't meant to play small or be ashamed about my success! I needed someone to help me expand beyond the glass ceiling I thought the world had placed on me when in fact I was the one who held it in place. I needed a coach & a mastermind of women who would get it & get me, who would push me past my fears, to my potential & beyond.

I desired more - and as scary as that used to be to say out loud afraid my mom would ask for money, or my family would look at me different, or my biz friend who started her business when I did would feel left behind or less than, or someone would say I was too young & judge me for growing "too fast" making me feel like a fraud or my old co-workers would be watching me wishing/ hoping for me to fail, & ALL the other BS I ALLOWED MYSELF TO BELIEVE FOR SO LONG! 

I was DONE doing what everyone else was doing or sitting back watching them as if I didn't belong there too! It was MY time to shine- MY time to serve AND sell - in the most authentic & fulfilling way for ME!  You know?

I finally got the lady balls to embrace everything I desired! 

The more I grew, the more I was able to REALLY serve my clients which was a stock to me! I was always afraid to be that coach who scales her business to 6 & 7 figures & people complain about having no access to the coach, being in a group program where they never talk to the coach, wondering if they can reach out to a coach who said they had private access but always seems busy! 

I never wanted to sacrifice the way I serve my clients or the impact & transformation delivered that allows my clients epic results as I scale my business. So I told myself before I grew my business to the next level, I needed a lot more experience, time, certifications, team members, prettier branding, a fancier website, blah, blah, blah! 

That's when I built The High Ticket Serve & Sell Blueprint™! Wow did things change ... with ease & fast! 

I made the time, energy, mental, & financial investment to accelerate my personal & business growth! And it way easier than I ever thought it would be. I upleveled my marketing & branding messaging, started to serve the higher version of the clients I did before because working with them unleashed the best parts of me, honed in on exactly what I was meant to teach & serve my clients with while releasing all the other "stuff" I used to talk about what I was good at, but to be paid at a premium rate I needed to focus on what I am exceptional at that lights me up like no other & allows me to see my value on a whole new level so I can force the world to too!

In 12 weeks, I tripled my business from $7000 to $20,000+ months while traveling. Serving my clients & showing up in my business became so much easier AND FUN AGAIN!

  • First, it took me 2 months to triple my business from $1500 to 5000 months which became my consistency!
  • I tweaked the blueprint & grew from $5000 to $7000-$8000 months!
  • Another tweak & I started having bigger cash months like my $11,000 month!
  • I started customizing it & finally got to experience $16k, $19k, $22k type of sales in 12 weeks!  


I tripled my business from $7000 to $20,000+ months, traveling!

I tripled my business from $7000 to $20,000+ months, traveling!

I knew I was meant for more & I couldn't wish & wait. I had to open myself up to the uplevel support I needed to see AND be the woman I wanted to become with the business & success I desired! Like more ready to invest now premium clients! A bigger impact! More money! More freedom! And I wanted it without shame, guilt, fear of me losing it, fear of delivering less value but rather more impact, working hard instead of being more effectively, strategic, intentional, and most of all, without sacrificing who I was & how I wanted to show up & shine in the world. Can you relate; do you ever feel the way I did?


I've Created a Blueprint for the Uplevel Strategy & Support Every Passion AND Profit Based Woman Who Cares About Her Impact AND Income! Cheers to Serving AND Selling! Are YOU Ready?


I built it so we could customize your uplevel for YOU with the best parts of my uplevel experience & most of all, eliminated the things that stalled it!

I've taken this blueprint & customized it for my clients who've in anywhere from 1-12 weeks, been able to double & triple their revenue over & over again! And I'm ready to help YOU accelerate too! 

Mastermind for Coaches, Consultants, & Service Providers Who Want to Sell High Ticket Programs, Services, & Digital Products

Hear From Women Who've Had the Blueprint Customized for Their Businesses & Brands

Mastermind for Coaches, Consultants, & Service Providers Who Want to Sell High Ticket Programs, Services, & Digital Products
Mastermind for Coaches, Consultants, & Service Providers Who Want to Sell High Ticket Programs, Services, & Digital Products

What We Cover in The Serve & Sell Accelerator™:

Mastermind for Coaches, Consultants, & Service Providers Who Want to Sell High Ticket Programs, Services, & Digital Products
  • Six Figure Mindset that Shines (No Guilt, Shame, Sabotage, or Doubt Welcome!)

  • Six Figure CEO Time & Self Management Trainings

  • Six Figure Scale Analysis Trainings – What is missing in your Business & Mission Alignment, Dream Client, Messaging, Content, Offers, Pricing that's delaying your acceleration?

  • Signature Program & Services Assessment & High Ticket Restructure - What we need to adjust within your programs & positioning to create a premium high ticket offers you have no question selling!

  • Pricing for Profit Assessment & High Ticket Formula Implementation - Exactly how we need to price your new & improved premium offer so it sells & helps your bank account shine! 

  • Preparing Your Premium Offer for Enrollment including Client & Sales Call Client Attraction Strategy Design

  • Upleveling Your Messaging & Content to Position Your Premium Offer & Magnetizes Dream Clients

  • Mastering The Sales Process for Your Premium Offer - Sales Mindset & Confidence


The Serve & Sell Accelerator™ is a 12 week experience that starts early February 2018 with only a handful of spots available. There are 2 membership options to join- Regular Membership & VIP Membership.

The Regular Membership is for you if you're a motivated woman who is able to push themselves & will take the pieces of the plan that work for you with guidance from me & take action without a ton of accountability! Group calls with daily access to me for questions will be enough support for you to reach your goals as we insert the blueprint into your business. 

The VIP Membership is perfect for you if you know you need that extra push & even more private access to someone who is going to say hey, "You owe me this, where is it!" You've tried it on your own before & know you need checks & balances to really push you, hold you accountable, & keep you on track. The private calls & unlimited access to me in additional to group calls & daily access to me in the group is going to help you reach your goals with the piece of mind of having someone going the extra mile as a partner in your success by your side outside of the group.

My mastermind is unlike any other "group program" you've been apart of or heard of. I am committed to coming into the group at least once everyday of the week to review questions & provide feedback. So your questions are answered daily. However, some women have massively enjoyed having even more direct access to me via voice & private messaging especially when they need something more than once a day or quicker for an upcoming sales call, content brainstorm, etc. 

Please note, I only accept a few VIP spots & because my highest level program is $30,000, the VIP spots in the accelerator go FAST. So I wouldn't wait until you're in to try to upgrade. 

What's Included 

Regular SSA Membership

  • (2), 90-minute Laser Coaching & Mastermind Calls a month via Zoom with guaranteed individual coaching time for each woman on the live + the recordings for future reference. Most women tend to have similar questions, some you find yourself afraid to ask sometimes, so it actually saves more time for you to ask more questions. It's amazing how much the women learn from each other's questions & get new ideas listening to me laser coach someone else. Plus, it's a true mastermind where others can share their experiences & expertise too. Sometimes I find myself not even wanting to get off calls; they are sooo good - value packed, results oriented, & empowering!
  • (2), 60-minute Live Video Trainings a month to give step-by-step blueprints to uplevel your mindset, messaging & content, offers, pricing, sales, & balance with ease! Includes access to the High Ticket Serve & Sell Blueprint™ Library for future edits & updates.

  • Daily access to me in our private Facebook group for questions/feedback, to review your content marketing or sales materials, or quick mindset/confidence boosts including Weekly Group Accountability Posts to check in to ensure you're on track & getting results

  • Daily access to an amazing community of powerhouse women for additional support so you never feel alone

  • Immediate Access to Kierra's Mindset Mastery Bundle - why wait to start your transformation for results!

  • Complimentary access to my courses & trainings under $300 during the duration of your program (February - April 2018)
  • Complimentary Ticket to my next live 2 1/2 day event to personally connect with me & your mastermind sisters + of course additional bonus business planning & personal development live trainings & experience


VIP SSA Membership

  • Everything included in the Regular SSA Membership 
  • 3-hour Private VIP Intensive in Jan or early Feb - Kick off your results by analyzing your business to identify short & long term profit & client gaps. We create 1. a customized fast action implementation plan to generate fast results & 2. a longer term 30-90 day plan for offer, pricing, messaging, & content restructuring for bigger results. Women have made the full program investment back in a week using this fast action plan. 

  • (4) 45- minute Private Calls via Zoom + Recordings - If you thrive off of individual, one on one time in addition to the access via the regular membership to excel even more, this would be a great option for you! Many women come in desiring the best of both worlds- private time with me outside of the 15-30 minutes each woman usually gets on group calls. 

  • Unlimited VIP Private Access via Facebook or Voxer private message/ voice access

  • Your Own Customized Serve & Sell Toolbox: A Content Reference Guide & Sales, Program, & Pricing Guides- You'll have a completely customized version of our infamous content & sales support & tools.

    • Content Reference Guide customized to your messaging, expertise, & offers & your content go to for the 3 months & beyond. Plus most clients follow my re-purpose process & have created 52 weekly blog post topics & 200 pieces of content for lives, trainings, & social media for the year.

    • Sales, Program, & Pricing Guides completely customized to your programs, ideal clients, & program benefits so you feel confident & prepared for sales calls to also reference for sales pages, emails, videos, & posts. It's helped my clients close high 4 & 5 figure deals!


Hear From More Women Who've Used the Blueprint to Accelerate Their Business

Mastermind for Coaches, Consultants, & Service Providers Who Want to Sell High Ticket Programs, Services, & Digital Products
Mastermind for Coaches, Consultants, & Service Providers Who Want to Sell High Ticket Programs, Services, & Digital Products

The Serve & Sell Accelerator™, is more than just another program, it's a 12 week experience for women tired of getting lost in their own head, feeling alone, & talking themselves out of what they really want because aiming lower feels safer. If you're ready to double your rates, triple your revenue, & scale with ease & authenticity, join the women who've done it on average in 3-9 weeks with The High Ticket Serve & Sell Blueprint™ infused in the accelerator! Ready to join us!!

Each membership type, Regular Membership or VIP Membership, has 2 payment options:

  •  A 4 installment payment plan option - If you choose this option, you will secure your spot into the accelerator by making your first payment by clicking on the appropriate button below. Once you're in the program, my team will coordinate with you to schedule your remaining 3 payment installments. Your program must be paid off by 4/6/18 as we start the accelerator early February which conveniently allows only one payment a month. 


  • A pay in full option - If you choose this option, you will secure your spot into the accelerator by making your first & only payment today by clicking on the appropriate button below. Please note, our pay in full options reward you with about a immediate $1000 savings from the installment payment plan options mentioned above.


  • The images below serve as buttons to each payment option. Please be sure to click on the approach image below for the payment option you will be using today. Once you click the image, you will be taken to a secure page where you can make your secured payment via Credit Card or PayPal. You will receive a confirmation email & your welcome packet with your first training & mindset mastery bonus within a few minutes after your payment. 


If you're wondering why there are a limited number of openings in this program & you know you want to hurry & grab your spot, please know that I put my soul into each & every one of my clients & their uplevel experiences. I'm not a one night stand kind of girl which for you means I'm not a let me get to know your business, hit it & quick it then go away coach. I know you have a business to run so why waste time having to repeat things & bring someone up to speed about your business & your major blocks that honestly you don't want to revisit over & over! So my promise to you in this experience is to ensure you feel like you have a daily partner because I care about you & your success doing what you love. Your success is my success! 


You don't have to hold those BIG, scary, yet exciting goal alone! You don't have to feel like you have to hide your excitement about signing a five figure client & you definitely don't have to feel weird about typing something like "Kierra, $10k felt easy!" or "I hit $20k finally!" I've created a safe space for of strategy & support & leadship to be bigger, better, & bolder!

Regular Membership

VIP Membership


Join The Serve & Sell Accelerator™ before Sunday, 1/14 & recieve 25% off your investment. Simply enter EARLYSSA at checkout to redeem your early bird price bonus. Early bird ends on Sunday, 1/14 11:59pm EST OR until the remaining 6 spots are filled! First come first serve!

Have More Questions - Chat with Us! Share your questions with our team in the Chat Box in the Bottom Right Corner of this Page!

If you're joining us, I know some of your goals are to:

  • Effortlessly hit high 4 & 5 figure months without terribly long complimented & not fun money stories re-surfacing!
  • Build an unshakable 6-figure mindset to handle any challenge thrown your way because let's be real life happens!
  • Consistently show up for your community authentically as you in your voice with your message without feeling drained, resentful, like you're going to be judged, or letting those visibility blocks you've held for so long keep you & your shine hidden! 
  • Finally launch new programs to expand your reach without any fears that THIS launch will be a flop! 
  • Massively up your passive income game without money mindset blocks & procrastination taking over as if money can't be this easy to make in your sleep! 
  • FINALLY increase those prices without feeling like you need to discount left & right & actually attract clients you love who are ready to pay for it without running to track them down!
  • Sell your shine (your programs, products, & services) without getting that knot in your stomach in a way that leads to yes instead of wasting a bunch of time!
  • Have consistent days where your work is fun & you feel inspired to create content & new ideas so it's fresh & doesn't feel like a job. (wouldn't it be amazing to have a partner to bounce those ideas off of too!)
  • Now, it's about signing higher end clients consistently with ease, being more intentional with your time, playing bigger, & getting ready for the main stage you envision yourself on!

Interested in saving 25% when you join The Serve & Sell Accelerator™?

Simply enter EARLYSSA at checkout to redeem your early bird price bonus & receive 25% off. Early bird ends on Sunday, 1/14 11:59pm EST OR until the remaining 6 spots are filled! First come first serve!


With The Serve & Sell Accelerator™, your mastermind sisters & I are in your corner as your biggest cheerleaders! THIS is your new normal! And to get here, you can't keep up with the same ole mindset doing the same ole things! It can be this easy for you, you don't have to make it hard overthinking every step & you don't have to do it alone. You don't have to run around with 100 hands, exhausted, & feeling like you have to start over again every month with your goals. 


You can get these results faster, easier, & in flow all while having fun & feeling good doing it. It is time to make your business fun again. 

I invite to enter your very own Serve & Sell Accelerator™ Experience!

Regular Membership

VIP Membership

Is The Serve & Sell Accelerator™ a no brainer MUST for you AND you want to save 25% off your investment & join today?

Simply enter EARLYSSA at checkout to redeem your early bird price bonus & receive 25% off. Early bird ends on Sunday, 1/14 11:59pm EST OR until the remaining 6 spots are filled! First come first serve!

Have More Questions - Chat with Us! Share your questions with our team in the Chat Box in the Bottom Right Corner of this Page!

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