Let's talk about how I can help you amplify how you package, price, & position your expertise, brand, & offers to take your impact & income to the next level!


Are you packaging your expertise, gifts, skills, & knowledge into high value services, programs, products, & events that you're not monetizing like you KNOW you could?

💣You know you should be charging more AND there's other ways you can monetize your expertise & offer your services but you're stuck in the day to day that you're leaving money on the table.

Are you craving to attract more clients you love working with through your brand, marketing, & sales messaging?

💣You know what you deliver is valuable & worth it, but sometimes communicating it doesn't flow as easily, especially when you really want to double the price!

Do you know it's time to uplevel how you position your expertise, offers, & brand to boldly stand out & effortlessly call in premium clients who see the value in your services?

💣Positioning is an inside out thing - you have to believe your services & products are worth more THEN build the brand story with the marketing, visibility, & positioning plan to get seen, get known, & get paid for it without question!


Maybe you’re new in your business looking to create your first offers, start building your brand & audience, & make your first sales like Adjanys who generated her first $8000 in her business in 60 days or Kendra who signed her first 4 clients in 9 weeks & is now a published author, hosting conferences, & running 2 other businesses.

How would it feel if within our half day session, you could clarify your framework, package it into your very own signature offer, price it with confidence, & design the client attraction & marketing messaging & content plan you can use immeidatel? How ready would you be to start monetizing your expertise, getting known, & booking clients?

Or, maybe you’re established & have been in business for a few years but seeking more freedom, bigger consistent revenue, & to connect on a deeper level with your audience as you take your business & brand to the next level like Dorianne who implemented everything from our intensive the next day and got 9 leads generating $30,000 in about 20 days OR Stephanie who within 1 week of our session, tripled her rates, increased her sales by 212%, and went on to sign her first $6500-15,000 clients.

How would it feel for you to restructre your services & offerings in a way that allows you to enjoy more time freedom without sacrificing the impact & quality, adjust your pricing so you feel ah-mazing about it while also planning out new revenue streams, and outlining exactly how we can take your messaging & positioning to the next level to attract higher paying clients you love working with in your intensive? What would you be able to do with this additional time & income? How would that feel?

I believe every person with years of experience, skills, & knowledge who KNOWS they can create real impact for others owes it to themselves to explore how they could leverage it to serve more people & monetize it to create more life & financial freedom on their own terms now, not later! And I am tired of seeing the most gifted people continue to sell themselves short, giving their expertise away for less than they desire OR deserve!

So every once in a while, in between my signature business bootcamps, private mentorship & mastermind, or my membership programs, I am able to open up my calendar for a few Monetize Your Expertise Intensives for entrepreneurs and brands looking for a fast-paced, completely customized, private deep dive business accelerating & results oriented planning consulting or coaching session. It’s my mission to help people identify more ways to monetize their expertise, whether it’s just a side hustle or your main hustle!

Over the past 10 years, I’ve worked with over 450 businesses & brands of all sizes from 5 to 7 figures, even being personally responsible for $5 million of business in my corporate consulting career of which I grew double digits in less than 12 months! So it’s safe to say that strategic program & product development, value based pricing, and premium brand, marketing, & sales messaging & positioning as been my jam for a while now.

However, when I started building my own six figure international coaching & speaking brand, I got to bring something I wasn’t able to with my corporate accounts - my fullest self! I got to see what it was like to package your truest passions, gifts, skills, knowledge, and experience into premium services, programs, products, & events, develop a successful brand shining as who you are, and powerfully serving clients and customers you love working with!

And not only have I been able to do this for myself full time, but I’ve also gotten to work with ah-mazing, powerhouse, and passionate entrepreneurs from all around the world - from the US to South America to Australia to Canada to Europe to Asia and Africa.


This is Your Next Level Planning Session!

Every intensive is different! Together, we take an in-depth look at where you & your business/brand is, get massive clarity on where you want to go next, identify the biggest gaps specifically keeping you from accelerating to that next level, and design a unique strategic & aligned plan of action to help get you there.

📌Business Model Audit (Program, Product, & Pricing Analysis) - We assess all your offerings, their profitability, their scalability, and conduct a pricing review to develop the simplest, most aligned scale plan to get you to your next level income & impact goal!

📌Monetization Mapping (Profit Planning) - As we audit your business model, we discover key profit gaps leaving thousands of dollars on the table & identify new offers & outline potential revenue streams that allow you to diversify your business model & create more impact & sustainable income! We usually find at least 3 new revenue generators in EVERY intensive, some 20. You will have the option for us to help build one out top to bottom in your intensive!

📌Upleveling Your Signature Package - If you’re looking to take the profitability & sustainability of your signature service, program, product, or event to the next level & attract higher paying clients, we’ll assess & restructure it from top to bottom into a premium high value experience you LOVE selling & high end clients CAN’T resist!

📌Framework Audit - Whether you’re new in business & want us to help you build your key coaching, consulting, book, or speaking framework OR you’re established & want to clarify & elevate it, we’ll make sure you feel confident in your process you take your clients through so you can also leverage it to position your expertise in your content, marketing, sales conversations, and speaking.

📌 Client & Customer Intimacy (Target Audience Deep Dive) - Identifying your highest level client who value investing in themselves now. This isn’t the basic beginner ideal client work- it’s the next level deep dive you need so that you can explore the mindset of your ideal clients & infuse the psycho-graphics of your buyers into your brand, marketing, and sales messaging & content.

📌 Messaging, Content, Client Attraction, & Sales Audit - We take the key elements discovered in the client intimacy deep dive mentioned above along with a full assessment of your overall messaging, marketing, & sales strategies to outline exactly how you can uplevel your brand, marketing, & sales messaging, content, & strategies in your funnels & client enrollment systems, social media, emails, blogs, videos, podcasts, interviews, in person and virtual speaking engagements, webinars & presentations, challenges, sales pages, sales calls & consultations, and more to attract, convert, & retain clients and brand partnerships you love working with! This is all about scaling your sales!

Included in Your Intensive:


(1) Detailed Business & Brand Assessment Workbook

Once you sign up for your intensive, you’ll receive access to a detailed business assessment to complete. This will give me a clear picture of exactly where you are in your business & develop our implementation plan for your intensive. You’ll also get details on scheduling your intensive on a day that is most convenient for you & the link to my virtual video conference meeting room on Zoom.


(1) 3 Hour One on One Private Business Planning Session

A highly productive, profitable, & business altering working session where we are sharing screens, building your acceleration plan live together, & outlining key elements from the plan. We’ll see exactly what’s working that we can take to the next level, what’s not working & what to do about it, & uncover profit & brand gaps, & design new offerings, pricing, messaging, content, & client attraction ideas & strategies to uplevel your business.


(1) Session Recording + Notes

We will hold your virtual private coaching session on Zoom, a video conference service. For your convenience, you’ll have a recording of our session for future reference. You will also get a copy of my notes from our session as we design your acceleration plan. My mission is to ensure you have a step by step, actionable plan to follow as you implement the next steps & the ability to revisit any of the key points from our session.


30 Day Access Pass (Optional Upgrade)

If you thrive off of personal attention & having more direct access with someone by your side, you can add private voice messaging coaching to your intensive for an additional charge. This will provide an extra layer of accountability & motivation as you implementation your plan & for us to continue our coaching as additional questions come up or you want feedback while you’re executing the elements from the plan,



Client Results

✨We focused on client attraction & messaging in Dorianne's intensive which she implemented the very next day, got 9 leads, a few pay in full clients, and utimately lead to a $30k launch with 21 days, creating more time with her young daughter!

✨We identified exactly how Alycia could hit her six figure goal focusing on 2 offers she loved delivering which lead to her signing a handful of $5k & $10k clients, with a full speaking calendar within less than 8 weeks & created more time for traveling & date nights with her hubby!

✨When I found out how much Stephanie was undercharging after 3 other launches on her signature program, I immediately worked with her to triple the rate & build a positioning plan around the offer for her launch which she grew by 212% within a week and ultimately lead to her upselling her clients to $6500 to $15k offers! She's also indulging in family brunches & full spa days without obsessing over clients and her next client!

✨We did a business analysis on Myra's entire business model & marketing, found a program we could restructure & reposition to attract higher paying clients, increased her pricing by 60%, & she signed a $4k client within a week!

✨Adjanys was new in her business, she had invested in programs before but something still was missing. We were able to solidify her coaching framework, signature offer, and develop a content & marketing plan so she could build her audience. In less than 60 days, she generated her first $8000 in her business & gets to be an amazing mom to her two little boys doing what she loves!

✨Justina added speaking as an income & client generator and had over a dozen people booking a consultation with her while expanding her online coaching practice with a new local office which had been apart of her vision for over 5 years!

✨I reveiewed Erika's entire business offerings, provided recommendations on what she should focus on promoting & restructuring. She went on to have a 250% return within 4 weeks then tripled the rate of her mastermind, launched a webinar for her course funnel that had an 11% then a 22% conversion after adding more of the recommendations, and hosted an EPIC in person event!

✨Delia was charging $497 & within one intensive was able to confidently double and sell her programs easier than ever before after years in business literally manifesting clients left & right in her inbox having more time to care for her ill mom! Our second time working together, she has gone on to sign $2000-5500 clients, add corporate & organization coaching & training as another income stream, and is being featured in podcast & conferences in Canada!

✨Carolyn booked $9000 of business in 6 weeks, doubled her rates, identified exactly how she needed to position her premium offers to clients who had previously said "it was too expensive" & felt freer than she'd ever felt in her biz!

✨Dezarae got to celebrate her first $20k week after a few years in business & finally got to see the importantance of balance, self care, and attracting clients you love working with, without settling or allowing them to overstep bounardies!



You are a new or established coach, consultant, speaker, course creator, blogger, trainer, or service based entrepreneur with high value experience, knowledge, skills, and a level of expertise you know creates impact, results, & transformation that you also want to be well paid for!

You value having support & want a fast paced hands on, clarity building, results oriented experience for your next steps instead of just a course or free ebook that keeps you in the information rather than in the implementation phase! (This is not a just hear Kierra talk session, it’s a working & implementation powwow of screen sharing, profit planning, offer building, messaging & content developing business acceleration, income generating experience).

✅You love exploring how you can leverage your experience, skills, gifts, & knowledge and monetize your expertise even more (besides JUST thinking about it or journaling your ideas, but to really build solid product & service options that can start making you money now with a plan on how to do it!)

✅You are craving more clients you love working with while being able to unapologetically shine in your zone of genius every single day at your highest level while also being well paid for your expertise AND expanding your brand & audience!

✅ You have years of experience, knowledge, wisdom that you’re so passionate about & know can create more impact that you are ready to share with the world & your clients on a whole new level! You are so tired of hiding, playing small, undercharging yet over-delivering, settling for clients you don’t love who don’t appreciate you, & simply being less than who you know you are here to be!

✅ You’re seeking for a fast paced, quick reboot / plan of action for a specific goal that you don’t want to spend weeks coaching through, especially if you’re a fast action taker. This could be for to take your signature offer to the next level for a new price increase, a specific program or event launch, an upcoming challenge, webinar, funnel, or client attraction event, a completely new group program, course, or digital product, and more.


Let's do this!

You know with every bone in your body that it’s time to monetize your expertise on a whole new level!

You have a level of expertise, experience, skills, and passion that you know can create more impact not only in the lives of your clients and customers, but also in your own life.

Your next level is now & it is safe to go all in. give yourself full permission to shine! let’s do this!

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