Ready to Shine In Your Zone of Genius & Monetize Your Expertise More Powerfully & Profitably Than Ever Before?

It's Time to Monetize Your Shine!

A MONTHLY Business Growth, Mindset & Personal Development, Brand Acceleration, Marketing & Messaging Mastering, Visibility Explosive, Soul Client Magnetic Coaching Circle for Women!

For coaches, consultants, course creators, speakers, authors, bloggers, influencers & women with personal brands you want to do MORE than just sell their programs, services, or products, sign a client, or share their knowledge on free platforms all day, but actually want to be sought after leaders & experts who create powerful value & impact in the world highly seen, known, & paid for their expertise, experiences, knowledge, & skills like they desire & deserve!

🤑If you are looking for personalized actual coaching on how YOU can unapologetically shine in your expertise

🤑Consistently get visible AF in it

🤑what to do within your brand, messaging, content, & marketing to connect deeper with your audience

🤑 how to strategically call in clients you love & stop worrying about people who just want your free stuff but tell you how much they love you

🤑show up as your fullest self

🤑 AND create consistent results in your business & brand you get the big Kool-Aid smile for, this is for you!

I designed this unique space for the women who have messages deep within that they want to share on bigger stages! Who already know they are worhty of more & have been going after it! Who know with every bone in their bodies that their gifts, expertise, knowledge, & wisdom should be touching more people on a deeper level! Women whose success is a non-freaking- negotiable and they know that their next level requires them to show up bolder & more powerful than they've shown up before!

For the women who know they are holding back on what they want to say, hiding who they really want to be in the world, playing smaller than they know they were created to, allowing expectations of the world & even family to dim their light!

That is what my weekly monetization, marketing, & mindset women's coaching circle is all about!

I don't care if you made $1000 or $10000 last month because this is NOT a course or membership based on some random ass modules! This is weekly personalized coaching based on where YOU are & what you need! It's bigger than the basic courses you've done or the carbon copy coaching you've invested in. The reason my laser coaching works is because it's specific to YOU where you are right now AND I cut through the BS you spent hours talking to other coaches about. I call out what you really want to be saying, teaching, & doing that you haven't given yourself full freaking premission on, until now!

If you know you’ve been hiding, not fully saying what you want to say, not boldly owing all of you in your brand, or holding yourself by playing small, undercharging, settle for clients, trying blend it, only to fade out as another underpaid, overworked, best kept secret who actually has just as much if not MORE passion, heart, integrity, & experience than many of these #PopTartCoaches out here AND you are done letting them pass you by, join us!

My promise to you!

🙋I WILL help you transform how you see, think, & feel about yourself, your expertise, & what it’s worth AND you will not JUST show up, but you will powerfully shine so the world sees your value like NEVER before!

🙋I WILL call you higher & you embodying your highest level will ooze into the world where you effortlessly call in soul clients you love, position yourself for exactly what you want to get paid, & are massively allergic to basic, mediocre, low vibe, non-committed clients! 🤧

🙋And IF you don't see any value in your being apart of this coaching circle in the first 30 days, you can cancel your membership and if you do love being apart of this community, you will be able to keep your 2019 special locked in rate! I do NOT want anyone in the community who doesn't want to be there, isn't expanding personally as leaders, & don't see the value for their business & brand!

🤝But I need you to make a promise to yourself & to me before you join. You need to commit to asking for support & what you need, being vunerable when a fear or doubts surface so I can support you through it, be open & available for support (because I know you're used to putting everyone else before yourself and this time YOU get to be supported), and know that your next level is your responsiblity! Will you show up fully your next level & allow me to lead you higher? Will you show up in this program like you've NEVER shown up before? Will you say yes to yourself, even when your ego tries to fight you? Deal?

Introducing Monetize Your Shine

A monthly coaching circle for women who want direct mindset + strategy access & support to amplify their visibility, marketing, & client attraction so they shine in their genius as a go to expert, become a client magnet, and monetize their expertise more powerfully, profitably, & aligned than EVER before!

Access to (2) Monthly Mindset & Strategy LIVE Group Mastermind Calls for laser coaching on exactly what you’re focused on throughout the month & making sure you have the clear mind & strategy to make it happen! Amazing how 15 minutes with me getting to the REAL thing you need is more powerful than the 5 weeks you some with some people!

Access to (2) Weekly Coaching Office Hours where you get the exact questions & anything you submit reviewed for feedback or mindset stuff you need support on from me so you can shift into a space of clarity, aligned action, & results quicker & more efficiently!

❤ BONUS FREE MONTHLY PASS when you join now to an exclusive 30-Day Business Planning Session where I guide you to map out your sales goal, the offer you’re focus on creating & launching, and the visibility & content plan to use in your marketing so you’re always confident & feel ready to rock every single month!

BONUS Access to my Mindset to Monetize™️ Suite of trainings & exercises so you stop telling yourself you can’t charge what you really want or you’re not enough & shift through your blocks around selling, making & having more money, being visible & known more, seeing yourself as an expert, & feeling unapologetically worthy of your next level of success & massively aligned as you grow & scale!

BONUS Access to my Shine Strategy Suite of trainings, exercises, & resources to help amplify your packaging, pricing, & profit planning, messaging & content marketing, brand visibility & marketing, and overall client attraction, sales, & positioning!

❤ BONUS virtual Zoom co-working pow-wows, hot seat coaching, and explosive mindset & money lives in our private Facebook group because I am extra & always inspired by something that leads to somebody making money & magnetizing clients!

I was passionate about creating an accessible space for women who have a message to be heard & a level of incredible expertise & knowledge to be shared that provided access to key tools, strategies, & mindset support that helped me & hundreds of my clients around the world establish our expert authority & grow our businesses on & off line!

Private mentorship for full, dive deep, hands on strategy consulting to elevate your visibility, client attraction, & sales with mindset coaching to expand your confidence to unapologetically sell yourself & your value for your next level with me starts at $1000-2500 a month! Of course, if you are seeking this level of mentorship, book a call with me here.

So you can see why this coaching circle where you actually get direct access to me to support you a few times a month is extremely value and pays for itself! This coaching circle is worth over $500 a month, however, right now the normal investment is only $197 a month (which goes up August 3rd to $247)!

But for the women who take fast action, committed to their next level now not later, get to save $100 a month when you join now!

⏰ Your investment today is only $147 a month (save $100 /m)!

**CANCELLATION POLICY: This program as a 3 month minimum so you have time to actually be supported, implement, and start creating your results. After 3 months, you can cancel at anytime with a 7 day notice. All monthly rates at the time you join are locked in & guaranteed for 2019 as long as you remain an active member!


The Pillars of What I Coach on & Teach In The Circle:



Shifting your confidence, energy, & mindset around monetizing your value, positioning your expertise, sales & selling yourself, and getting unapologetically visible AF consistently! <How my clients build the ladyballs to go from selling $100 sessions & $500 programs to $500 sessions, $1500 courses, $5000 group programs, & $10-35k clients AND stop accepting anything less than they desire OR deserve!>



(packaging, pricing, profit planning)

Designing & restructuring your business model, programs, services, products, & events into offers you are orgasmically in LOVE with selling like never before that your soul level clients & customers cannot resist <How my clients see exactly what they need to tweak to take their offers from selling here & there to consistent client magnets, find new income streams & stop leaving thousands of dollars on the table, create high ticket offers they’re obsessed with selling, & design low ticket offers they actually don't dread!>



Upleveling your brand, marketing, & sales messaging & content to position you, your brand, & the value you bring to warrant you charging what you want to get paid, expand your brand exposure, & have your inbox blowing up with business & brand growth opportunities. <How my clients are speaking on stages to over 300 people, booking 5 paid speaking gigs in 2 months, signing $5-10k clients from the stage, becoming 4 time published authors AND actually turning readers into clients, being flown out to teach for 4 days on an island all expenses paid while making $10k cash from sales in the room, being invited on panels in Canada, Asia, & the US, & being featured with 6 & 7 figure earners!>



Infusing customized soul client attraction, high value positioning, & sales strategies with your upleveled brand, marketing, & sales messaging & content to powerfully connect with your audience on a deeper level fully as you, nurture them into obsessed raving fans, AND strategically converting clients you love, so you can stop worrying about people who “love you so much but just want the free stuff”! <How my clients calling in handfuls of clients they love a month who respect their boundaries, pay on time, pay in full, do the work, come ready, and inbox them without needing sales calls asking where do they pay, work with clients who want to keep renewing their contract, & have the best referral rates!>



I believe to truly create a business & brand you love & fully show up in, means you are creating a life you're obsessed with & actually enjoying your success! I care about your creating more impact & income in your business while ALSO connecting with your highest level self. Becoming so IN LOVE WITH HER & unleashing her energy when you get on live, walk on a stage, enter a room, show up on a sales call or DM! AND, that it doesn't stop in your business, but spills over into your life. So will talk about building your business WHILE balancing & prioritizing quality relationships, friendships, time with your family, self care, and all the other things you are passionate and love to do!



Inside of Monetize Your Shine right now, we have women who have

  • Gone from charging $100 a session to making $7000 in the last 90 days!

  • Hit $10k cash every month this year so far!

  • Been hired to speak at a conference, all expenses paid.

  • Been booked to speak at a retreat in Italy!

  • A few members booking out their first retreats & live events!

How would YOU feel about coming into the group &sharing these types of wins for yourself? How would YOU feel being supported & letting go of the busy work to focus on true leadership & personal development, expertise empowering & expanding, client attracting, revenue generating activities?

MYS Win - March 2019.jpg

MYS Win - April 2019 - 1.jpg

MYS Win - April 2019 - 2.jpg
MYS Win - March 2019 - 2.jpg

Today, I’ve worked with hundreds of women from around the world using the exact tools, strategies, & mindset support built inside of Monetize Your Shine to package their expertise into offers they can sell on & offline without feeling like they’re “not established enough yet”, expand their confidence to grow their visibility & get known, & uplevel their magnetic brand, marketing, & sales messaging & strategies they needed to position themselves & their services to attract the right people which has allowed them to do things like:

  • Dozens of my clients new in business generating their first thousands of dollars in business, booking $500, $997, $1500, $3000, $4000, & $7000 in less than 90 days, & signing 20 clients in their first 6 months!

  • Dozens of my clients established in business generating their highest revenue months, booking $1500, $6000, $15,000, $21,000, & $35,000 clients, attracting more clients they love working with, celebrating $10k days, $20k weeks, and $30-50k months!

  • Get clarity & confident in what they do & communicating their value to attract PAID book deals & speaking/training gigs!

  • Create a profitable business model that allowed them to balance their working time in their business while also managing life!

  • Eliminate all the stuff they were doing that wasn't helping them grow their brands or bring in money & clients, just wasting time, building frustration, & draining their energy & faith!

  • Pay off tens of thousands of dollars in student loan & credit card debt AND save for their first homes & investment properties!

  • Finally put in their 2 weeks notice & go full time in their business after 3 months because they invested in creating a foundation they could finally get on a path of freedom with to design a life they are obsessed with & fully enjoy the people, experiences, & things they love - instead of just talking about it in their dreams & journals!

When these women started with me, they knew with every bone in their bodies that they weren’t truly showing up, not at the level they knew they were created for! Whether they were 2 months in, 2 years in, or 20 years in, they all had one thing in common - there was something holding them back from boldly showing up, having next level visibility, connecting on a deeper level with soul clients they loved working with, feel more aligned & authentic in their brand & in what they were teaching & offering, & most of all, unapologetically shining in their zone of genius & marketing their expertise, skills, & talent so they can serve AND sell like never before!

They were extremely hesitant, overwhelmed with what to focus on & where to go next, & nervous if this was the right move - but they wanted support by their side, trusted themselves, & were committed to their next level now, not later, because in this moment, later, even tomorrow doesn’t exists! As I worked with them, the way they thought & felt about themselves, their expertise, & the value they deliver completely changed. You see, your next level requires you to see yourself & your expertise on a whole new level AND THEN forcing the world to too! And now, I would love to help you too! If you’re ready to FINALLY stop giving their expertise away for pennies, join us today!





Let's do this! Now Is Your Time! Your Next Level Is Safe!

There’s no more “I’m going to figure it out”! No more waiting! There’s something bigger the world needs from you & you staying in this space is NOT going to change a thing.

What's really holding you back from fully shining in ALL of you AND actually getting paid for it? When do you stop being the cheerleader, influencing everyone else but not getting that in return.

THIS is what I live for! My business is my mission, this work I do, it’s my soul work! This type of deeper thought & transformation you get to experience within yourself AND THEN seeing how we have to bring that in AS we create the strategy & you execute it is all that matters!

What mindset exercises to continue doing so you can get visibility in a more powerful way every single day! What to tweak and restructure in your offer to make sure it’s aligned! How to rebrand and reposition yourself and your offers and your messaging to connect the clients you really want!

You've been wanting support! But here’s the thing, you need this work now. You can feel it & you get to trust you in this moment!

Are you going to decide that this support, guidance, & these next level results are for you now, or are you going to keep waiting & wanting!?

This monthly Monetization, Marketing Messaging & Mindset Women’s coaching circle is weekly live laser coaching for each woman on what YOU need. Business model & structuring your packages, sales strategy, client attraction and community building, marketing messaging, content, visibility! Andddd of course deeper mindset work because we as women have to stop knowing what we do is amazing and worth it but not charging accordingly and psychically right now in this moment going after it!

This is NOT curriculum based - this is an actually Kierra coaching YOU on what YOU need each week!

I hope you join us & trust when I say this is going to be for you to powerfully show up like you haven’t, I promise! Are you in??

❌Membership to this coaching circle is worth over $500 a month! And the normal investment is $197 a month. But when you join today, you will be saving an additional $50 a month!

⏰ Your investment when you join today is $147 / month! Join now to save $50 a month AND join this society of badass women who are shining in their expertise, claiming their authority, getting known, being seen, and getting paid! It’s time to stop giving your expertise away for pennies & start monetizing your shine! Or, join via our quarterly payment option and save an ADDITIONAL $100!

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