Mindset Mastery - Building Your Entrepreneuress Mindset for Coaches & Consultants Ready to Shine

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Mindset Mastery - Building Your Entrepreneuress Mindset for Coaches & Consultants Ready to Shine


In this training, we will walk through building your entrepreneuress mindset to start, launch, and grow your business while shining in your expertise.

Whether you're starting out as a new coach, consultant, or service provider, or have been doing this for a while, mindset is the one non-negotiable you should have in your business & personal development. 

As someone whose built a international coaching practice from $0 to $20,000+ months, I can promise you mindset was the key me to doing it. 

I don't only want you to start strong, I want you to stay strong! That's the different between those who are successful long term with a sustainable expert business them, their team, their clients, AND their wallets can grow with.

In addition, I've mastered 4 key areas that tend to be biggest struggle points from new, aspiring, and even established entrepreneurs...

  1. Expert Mindset - the different between seeing yourself & your knowledge/skills/experiences as something that can massively impact other people's lives AND be paid for it. This is the thing that holds people back from charging their worth, going after potential clients confidently, presenting themselves for speaking opportunities, and so much more. 
  2. Money Mindset - how you feel about money and making it is important in your business. What negative money rules or beliefs are you holding on to that is causing you to hold yourself back from making it?
  3. Visibility Mindset - how many times have you thought about doing videos, speaking, posting about your story and what you do on social media but don't OR do it but don't give it your all and hold back afraid of what family, friends, and people that don't even know you are going to say? You have to be confidently ready to show up, speak up, & shine! This in itself is going to change your business & your confidence!
  4. Sales Mindset - Last but definitely not least, I want to help you overcome that fear of selling you have. Sales is actually a beautiful thing. It is the very thing that allows someone who really needs what you offer & the transformation you created just for them to come in and be massively served with your excellence like no one else can serve them. Why would you not want to make sure they have a way to work with you? I am going to help you transform those nasty, car salesmen sleazy ways of sales so you can get out in this world, do great work, deliver awesome results & transformation, AND get paid well for it. PS, I've handled up to $5 million dollars in sales so if anyone knows how it feels to have sweating palms, a shaky voice, ready to discount your services from here to the moon, I DO! And I've gotten over it, let me show you how. 

This is going to be the mindset kick you need to burst through your fears, feel more confident then ever, and start taking action for some pretty amazing results. 

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