Attention New Coaches, Consultants, & Professional Service Providers Ready to Launch Your Business & Sign Your First Batch of Clients So You Can FINALLY Get Paid for Your Expertise!

If you're ready to to learn how you can CREATE, MARKET, & SELL your first coaching & consulting programs & services to generate your first $1000-$5000 in business, on or offline, you're in the right place!!

Introducing: The Expert Incubator

A lifetime membership course that gives YOU the step-by-step blueprints my clients used as brand new coaches & consultants who had never signed clients before get massive clarity on what they do, who they serve, & how they serve them so they could create & successfully sell their first coaching & consulting services going on to sign 20 clients in their first 6 months & reach their first $2000- $5000 in business!

What would happen over the next 30-90 days if you could ...

  • Effortlessly create your first program & learn to how to position it to generate soul mate client leads

  • Confidently communicate & get visible in what you do no matter your expertise level

  • Sign your first client with the blueprint to do it consistently with ease

  • Have access to support from our private Expert Incubator community where you can connect with other like-minded people exactly where you are & aiming for more too

How would that change your current situation? 


Let's get real! You've spent so much time watching livestreams, listening to webinars, & reading people's blogs or posts. Yet, you're still trying to master how to actually get started so you can start offering services, programs, & digital products that allow you to take the expertise, skill set, & passion you've carried around for years & get paid for it. 

You can feel the epic transformation you KNOW you could make in people's lives, businesses, health, financial situation, health, relationship, style, mindset, or whatever your expertise is in, but sometimes putting that into words whether on paper or talking about it in person or on video, let along create an actual program you need to be able to sell seems impossible

So you continue to give it away for free or pennies, or maybe you've just avoided your dream all together telling yourself all the reasons you don't deserve it or why you're incapable of having it all. Looking at successful people wondering when you'll be there? Or doubting you belong there at all? 

So you wake up everyday to your robot lifestyle, settling in a situation that that makes you feel like your soul is being crushed by 5 inch stilettos with no room to be free limiting how much you can really shine or use your true strengths & passions to fit their agenda that has nothing to do with what you know you were really meant to be doing in this world!


Being a first generation college student raised by single mother living check to check, my family made sure I knew how "lucky" I had it! But no one knew that in this "perfect career" with a great car, awesome salary/benefits, & paid travel working for a Fortune 500 company handling 5-7 figure accounts up to $5 million dollars how undervalued, unappreciated, lost, overlooked, overworked, & underpaid I felt.

But I dealt with it! Isn't that what you do as an adult- suck it up & settle?!

  • Say yes to things you want to say NO to!
  • Work with people you go home & trash on the phone with your girls or your partner!
  • Ask for vacation for that trip of lifetime you've been saving for hoping no one else has already requested the time off! 
  • Work long nights, early mornings, weekends just to stay caught up with nothing to show for it but a 2-3% annual raise the same people who come in late, take time off every other weekend, & talk crap about the management team at lunch gets too!

There was no way I could continue to subject myself to THIS as my reality for the next 20, 30, 40 years! I had to do something. I had to empower myself to see that I was worthy of more. I had to change my belief that the corporate career was the only way I could be successful. I didn't have all the answers, resources, or support, but I knew that something huge within me was ready to burst & make a difference in this world & I was done playing it safe & small for comfort in a life I wasn't happy in. 

I had to shift my thinking to first decide that I wanted more then make the necessary action & investments. You wouldn't believe how many people walk through life unhappy, unfulfilled, wanting something different whether it's in a relationship, a career, a business, their health, & more, but will sit back wanting it and NEVER make the decision to go after it AND make the action & self investment they need to make it happen. 

But if you're here, I know you are ready to create this shift for yourself now. 

I'm Kierra Jones aka The Shine Strategist™. I'm an International Best Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, & Coach to empire building female service based business owners who want to soulfully & strategically create & scale a profitable, marketable, & impactful business that lights up their soul without sacrificing an ounce of their shine or the lifestyle freedom they desire AND deserve while still massively serving & impacting their clients, community, & bank accounts from their heart!

My first month in business, I generated $2000 and by month 3, I had made $10,000. It was my mission to master the $2000-5000 months in business consistently. I've now built it into a multiple 6-figure international coaching practice celebrating $10k, $20k, & $40k+ months easier then before!

Too many new coaches & consultants come on the scene looking for these huge months everyone talks about and I was there too. But here's the reality, I see a lot of peers get one big month and crash OR people never get there at all because neither of them had the foundation they needed like their messaging and knowing exactly what they do, who they do it for, and how they do it. In a way that makes them stand out and helps potential clients know why they should chose me over someone else. This is why I created this course so that you could build the foundation you need for a true impactful, marketable, and sustainable business. 

RedJacket 13-02-24-875.png

The blueprint every part of this course is built on has helped my clients

  • Celebrate their first $500, $997, $1500, $3000, and $4000 sale in a matter of 30-90 days
  • Sign 20 clients in their first 6 months
  • Make their first couple of thousands of dollars in their business
  • Get clarity & confident in what they do & communicating it attracting book deals, speaking gigs, & clients
  • See exactly how they should be balancing their working time in their business while managing life (I worked in my full time career AND ran a full business & brand for a 1.5 years so I get it)
  • Eliminate all the stuff they were doing that wasn't going to help them create & launch their business but just was a waste of time
  • Create a business that could help them finally get a path of freedom & the lifestyle they were obsessed with creating for themselves & their families! 

Now, I want to help you do the same thing & accelerate your service based business this year & beyond, even if you are starting out from scratch. I want to help you create, market, & sell your first program/service so you can sign your first clients & you can achieve your very first $1000-5000 in business too! 

The Expert Incubator Banner.png

The Expert Incubator is THE go to resource for transformational & service-based entrepreneurs who want a step-by-step blueprint to build their mindset, messaging, & money making model for a profitable & impactful expert business!

It's over $20,000 of self study trainings with lifetime access and all the things I used to grow my business to consistent $3000-5000 months in my first 3 months + everything I wish I had learned + everything I personally teach my private clients who who've gone on to sign their first 10 clients, book their first international speaking gig, get featured in media, become a published author, & make their first $3000, $4000, $5000, & more in their business some in less than 9 weeks of starting from scratch with me!

If you want to position yourself as an expert of impact through leadership, coaching, consulting, speaking, & more, especially online, I've personally designed this program to include a blueprint to clarify & niche down your expertise, create the messaging to attract & engage your dream clients, & develop your signature money making business model including your signature program and how to price AND sell it confidently!


The Expert Incubator is Perfect For You If ...

The Expert Incubator - How to Create, Market, & Sell Your First Coaching Program or Consulting Service
  • You're a new or aspiring service based business owner who has a burning desire to create a business around your gifts, expertise, knowledge & experience & want to provide a REAL transformation & impact for your clients' lives while being paid well!
  • You already have an idea of what you want to your clients with you just need to know how to clearly communicate, package, price, & position it to see!
  • You aspire to be called upon as an expert & thought-leader in your industry as a coach, consultant, speaker, &/or author!
  • You don't just want to create a product to make some money here & there, but want the step by step blueprint of a money making, marketable, impactful, & profitable expert business for CONSISTENT results! You want a business not a hobby!
  • You want to build a sustainable business with the framework & foundation you can confidently grow with to expand your brand, clientele, AND your wallet!
  • You want create, market, & sell your first coaching/ consulting service/program so you can achieve your first $1000-5000 in your business!

In The Expert Incubator, you will learn how to...

  • Build your mindset to be a successful entrepreneur
    • Confidence to get visible online!
    • Nurture your money making mindset so you get comfortable with making money honey off your gifts!
  • Assess your strengths & expertise to discover & clarify your niche & how you can shine in your industry!
  • Craft the right message that you feel confident in & magnetizes your dream clients so you effortlessly attract the right people to your services & programs in your marketing! 
    • Your business will NOT thrive without this & people spend months some years trying to get this right! I am going to help you get to know your dream client on a massively deep level so you know what they think, feel, & are motivated to pull out their credit card to invest in so we infused this into your marketing! We'll have your clients shouting, "How does she know THAT about me! I need to hire her! Where do I pay!"
    • Plus, no more being nervous at networking events, on video, or feeling like people look at you like you don't know what you're doing!
  • Confidently create your very first profitable signature program. With guidance through my profitable program development blueprints plus my feedback, we'll develop your very own unique coaching system that delivers the transformation your client needs & allows you to charge premium rates, even if you are a new coach. We package & position your first program so effectively that it can sell itself!
    • My clients have proven the myth that new coaches can only sell cheap programs & services! They start out with $500-4000 packages & I make sure they create a system that we infuse into their program or service with the resources to go with it & I'll help you do the same so you clients don't question your prices, you build more confidence in yourself as a coach, and you hit the group running bringing results that people who refer other people to come pay for! Chi-Chang!
    • I don't want to help you sign your first client, I want to help you sign your first batch of clients! That's when you have a business - when it's consistent! 
  • Create endless content without spending hours on it so you can develop the content you need to consistently generate leads, increase your brand awareness, & go about your day!
    • Our content has been so powerful, we've signed clients straight from content & no sales calls at all! Plus, I've been able to cut my work time by 10 hours a week because this process it took me months to develop!
  • Overcome your fear of selling & stop getting so many nos on your sales calls desperately waiting for that first yes OR maybe you haven't started doing calls yet because sales freaks you out!
    • You'll learn how to sell with ease without the sleaze & get my sales script & see the sales process my clients & I have used to sign batches of new clients & filling $500 group programs and $1000, $3000, & $4000+ private clients!
  • And more! 

Plus, I made sure you aren't alone in this process. but You'll have a community, a sisterhood of other women where you are in your business to get feedback from each other, ask questions, & support each other! When I was starting out this was half the battle for me personally - others to talk to. 

Let's be real, sometimes this entrepreneur journey can feel lonely. Sometimes you just want people to bounce ideas off of or to let you know you're on the right track because some of us can't get that from our families, partners, or friends. And just to be real, sometimes we can't find it within ourselves. I've had those moments and wanted to make sure you had a private community who has your back!

Kierra, How The Heck Can I Join?!

So, I guess you are dying to know how much the investment is for all of this guidance & support. This program is worth over $20,000. I've NEVER done a program at this level of investment that you are getting access to so you'd be insane if you waited on this deal! My clients invest over $5000-10,000+ to work with me! 

For over $20,000 of lifetime access to business launching & growing trainings, access to me this year for bi-weekly laser coaching calls so I can give you direct feedback & guidance, and an international community of Expert Incubators & massive support & accountability, the 2018 normal price of membership into The Expert Incubator is normally $2497 USD.

How to Start An Expert Coaching Business.png

However, if you are to join us today, your investment is a one time payment of $997 USD or 4 bi-weekly payments of $297 (savings of up to $1500 USD)! 

How to start a coaching or consulting business online

What's Included Inside The Expert Incubator

  • Building Your Expert Mindset Training so you have the confidence to start & grow a profitable business ($797 Value)
  • Clarify Your Shine Training w/ Strengths & Expertise Assessment so you gain massive clarity on what your expertise & niche is so you can create your first profitable coaching program & start getting visible in it ($797 Value)
  • Dream Client Training w/ Detailed Client Outline so you get to deeply know the clients who want to invest in your services with brand & marketing messaging magnetizes them ($797 Value)
  • Design Your Signature Coaching System Pillars to outline your complete coaching process so you know exactly what of you're teaching your clients, how to organize your process to deliver amazing results to your clients, & you feel more confident that ever before in your coaching ability & programs($1197 Value)
  • How to Create Your First Program/Service so you can create your first coaching or consulting program/service that sells with ease to people who WANT to invest in ($1197 Value)
  • Content that Connects & Converts Training ($1197 Value)
  • How to Sell w/ Confidence & Get Clients to Buy Training without that stinky, sleazy sales blues that every new coach, consultant, or service provider struggles with ($1197 Value)
  • Email Marketing Easy Peasy Training so you have another way to connect with your potential clients & market your programs/services to them ($997 Value)
  • Video Marketing Mastery Training so you can crush your visibility fears about being on camera & learn how to use your livestreams & videos to attract new clients with ease ($997 Value)
  • Complete Freebie Formula & Strategy Training so you can master your signature freebie that will help potential clients get to know you & what you do so they want to know how they invest in more getting more support & work with you ($997 Value)


  • Bonus #1: 2 Live Group Q & A Calls a Month where you will have bi-weekly direct access to Kierra for laser coaching to ask questions & get feedback to stay on track & get results. Kierra's clients pay $30,000 for direct access to you. These group calls are designed to allow everyone who has questions to get a chance to get feedback. ($1997 Value)
  • Bonus #2: Access to an awesome private Facebook Group community to stay connected to your fellow progressive Expert Incubators who get it & are also building their business just like you ready to cheer you on so you don't feel alone
  • Bonus #3: 30 Ways to Monetize Your Shine Workbook (Value $597)
  • Bonus #4: 5 Things I Did for my First $5k Month Training (Value $997)
  • Bonus #5: Private 45-90 day check in session for you & I to analyze your personal & business growth (Value $597)
  • Bonus #6: Plus, LIFETIME access to these Trainings & Workbooks AND all the future Expert Incubator new trainings being developed all to help you further create, launch, & grow your expert business  ($1997 Value)

Have you noticed, these are a lot of the things most people starting out spend hours and hours learning to do & still don't get it right sometimes wasting their time away! But I'm not done because I know you don't have time to waste!

Your Lifetime Business Training Membership + Bi-Weekly Laser Coaching Access from Me + Membership to Connect with The International Community of Expert Incubators for an investment of a one time payment of $997 USD or 4 bi-weekly payments of $297 (savings of up to $1500 USD)! 

What are you waiting for! This isn't the type of thing you want to go think about, you should feel in your heart right now if this is for you? Do you feel it, cause we are waiting! I am waiting for you! I am ready to support you!

Aren't you ready to shine in your expertise & finally stop giving it away for pennies?

This incubator is a vault of powerful, impactful, money making, what to focus on, exactly what you need to do, and how to do it to building the foundation for your first client & first sale that will continue to pay for itself all the way to your fifth, tenth, twentieth client. I literally have clients who have used these foundations pieces to transfer people they were coaching for free into paid programs, sign their first client, create their first coaching package, sign their fourth client, and even go full time in their business in three months. 

Your Lifetime Business Training Membership + Bi-Weekly Laser Coaching Access from Me + Membership to Connect with The International Community of Expert Incubators for an investment of a one time payment of $997 USD or 4 bi-weekly payments of $297 (savings of up to $1500 USD)! 

How much would this program be worth to you if it could ...

  • Empower you to finally package your expertise in a profitable program, charge your worth for it, & actually sell; would it be worth it?
  • Help you get to know your dream clients on a deeper level so you could see exactly how we need to position your offers for clients who are ready to invest & don't want to take advantage of you or pay pennies for the value you provide; would it be worth it?
  • Help you develop the your step by step system of transformation that's infused in your programs & your messaging & content that your programs start to sell themselves & your clients become raving clients who refer their peeps your way; would it be worth it?
  • Help you close your FIRST BATCH OF SALES? What would ONE more sell a month or even a week be worth to you?
  • Show you how to create a program that is $500, $1500, $2000 AND actually sell it! Do you know at least ONE person right how you KNOW needs to be a client of yours? If we sold your first program, wouldn't that cover your investment into this program that's going to help you do that over and over again? How much would this be worth to you then?


So what are you waiting for. I know you're ready to take action and join us! And because you're in love with everything you get in this program and more & you are ready for me to support you, I've made this EPIC Business Bundle of trainings personally designed & organized as THE blueprint for your expert business specifically made just for you! 

Based on all the trainings included & coming along with the results women are getting literally weeks of joining, we'll be changing the regular price for The Expert Incubator to $2497 USD, but today, your investment for the program and ALL the bonuses is only a one payment of $997 or 4 payments of $297!

You'll never have to pay anything additional for access to our group calls to ask me questions, for the private community you'll be apart of, or for the additional trainings I'll be adding throughout in 2018. 

This is your year, now is your time, and I want you to have the support you need so I'll see you inside The Expert Incubator! 

PS, once you hit the button below & make your payment to join, you'll be receiving IMMEDIATE access into the membership portal with your trainings, our private group where I hang with your fellow Expert Incubators, and your welcome packet! I'll see you inside!


Your Lifetime Business Training Membership + Bi-Weekly Laser Coaching Access from Me + Membership to Connect with The International Community of Expert Incubators for an investment of a one time payment of $997 USD or 4 bi-weekly payments of $297 (savings of up to $1500 USD)! 

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