Are you an empire building woman who has already achieved some success, but really wants more without shame, guilt, overwhelm, or fear holding you back? 

Let me guess, you are ...

  • Wondering if YOU really deserve that $10k client!
  • Doubting if you can keep up with those $20k months & the work associated with it!
  • Shameful of what others may think of your success as a multiple 6 figure entrepreneur!
  • Nervous that people will see you as a fraud, unworthy of this success as if you can't REALLY help your clients!
  • Afraid that you won't have enough value to offer your clients at the level they've invested!
  • Painfully questioning if your family & personal life will suffer because you can't be the boss of your biz & home, right?
  • Fearful that your friends on social media will think "What is she up to NOW? She's never satisfied!"
  • Sorry & feeling ungrateful for even wanting more!
  • Stopping yourself from pushing that Go Live, Publish, or Send button because you don't want to attract any haters!

I've been there! But, if you're anything like me, I know you want:

  • To not have to look at your bank account when you buy that new outfit or head to the restaurant everyone in town is talking about, or when you want to book a flight to meet up with your girls! Oh yeah, and get Chi Ching notifications while you're shopping, eating, traveling, or my favorite - while I'm getting a mani / pedi. 


  • Reclaim your shine so you can stop comparing yourself to others & being fearful of being 1000% you & showing up as such everyday for your community with consistency & authenticity! At this stage in your life & business, you don't have time to pretend to be anyone else, not even for a 1 minute live stream. It's time to take your tribe to the next level by allowing them to authentically experience you & your true shine powers without feeling drained, resentful, like you're going to be judged, or letting those visibility blocks you've held for so long keep you & your shine hidden! You have the power to touch their lives in a way that no one else can. No one can shine like you or provide the massive transformation & impact you do! 


  • To accomplish everything on your to do list without nasty self-sabotaging thoughts creeping up & taking over along the way! You finally broke the chains of that corporate cubicle & started a business! But the truth is, you still carry the scars of a fixed income, glass ceiling, have to check every box before you can do something because you're not enough yet mentality. You know you need to rebuild these beliefs & non-productive actions so you have the daily mindset & confidence so you can live your dream & quickly bounce back from the tough moments because he truth is, life happens. But you still have things to do girl, like on board that new five figure 1:1 client you just signed, prepping for that 6 figure launch, & getting systems set up including that list of courses & passive income products you've been leaving money on the table for so you can finally stop hustling! So it's time to get the uplevel support you need! 


  •  FINALLY increase those prices and charge what you REALLY want without feeling like you need to discount left & right or second guessing if you are worth it with your stomach knotting up every time you say your prices. Oh yea, and actually attracting clients you love who are ready to pay for it without having to run & track them down!


  • More than 1 dream vacation a year! You're on a mission to build regular 4-5 day weekends, vacations year round, & margaritas on the beach in the middle of somebody's winter because right now relaxation & recharge feel impossible!


  • Have consistent days where your work is fun & you feel inspired to create content & new ideas so it's fresh & doesn't feel like a job. (wouldn't it be amazing to have a partner to bounce those ideas off of too!)

Plus so much more, but we don't have time to list them all. I'm all about taking action that feels good & aligns with who you were meant to shine as. So let's get this shine party full of impact AND income started girl! 

Customer Love for Visibility Empowerment Coach & Shine Strategist

The women I am honored to serve in my programs have done some pretty AMAZING things. These are women just like you from all over the world from Asia, Australia, South America, the Middle East, Canada, & the US but ALL have one thing in common - they had to decide that they were worthy of the vision they held for so long. They chose that now was the time for them to breakthrough their fears, self-doubts, negative beliefs & rules about being successful, showing up & serving in their gift as an expert, and making money doing it! 

When my clients work with me, their shine is represented by so much more than money. Sure, when working with me, my clients have signed their first few high end clients with $8k+ service packages, confidently 2-5x their rates and sold their service packages when they never believed they could, and added in additional streams of income to their empire including passive income products, courses/trainings, & retreats/live events).  

But their shine is also displayed in the way they show up to the communities effortlessly everyday. How they create content that connects with their ideal shine-mate clients that makes them fall in love with them & their brand because they are constantly inspired & high vibe! They have become published authors, been invited to lead international retreats, been featured in magazines & podcasts, and are guest speakers in their industry. 

It's also shown up in their lives! They finally see how easy things can be. That they don't have to always hustle & work alone to get the results they desire & deserve. They can spend more time with themselves, their families, & doing things they absolutely love! Most importantly, they create the life they have always dreamed of. They think bigger, they are more empowered, & they truly shine inside out! 

And if you really are anything like me, I know you're not just building this business to sit behind your computer all day. I know you want more outside of business and I want to empower you to become the SEO (The Shine Executive Officer) of your life AND your business. 

Kierra Jones Visibility Empowerment Coach & Shine Strategies for Ambitious Women Entrepreneurs

When we work together, we enter a judgmental free, safe space of love I call "The Shine Space." Together, you & I will roll up our sleeves, go through deep exercises to uncover & crush those limitations, unlock your true shine powers, & unleash a more confident, empowered woman ready to show up, get visible, shine, & make her mark in her industry. I will be there every step of the way, guiding you as you then apply this new powerhouse confidence & clarity to take massive bold inspired actions & execute your plan to gain more clients, freedom, & impact! As someone who's been there & done that, I'll support you as your biggest cheerleader! I see your shine even when you don't and it's my soul's mission, my life's duty to empower it to finally break free so you monetize the heck out of it! 


AND most importantly as we unlock and unleash your shine (your expertise, knowledge, & gift) even more, we can craft the high end, massive transformation, life changing offers you really want to sell in your business. 

We get to know your ideal client on a deeper level than you've ever gotten to know them behalf so we can speak to them with your content and offerings at the core. 

We ensure you your Signature Shine System is solid (this is the system you walk your clients through for massive transformation). After all, THIS is what they pay you for, not for the number of hours you work with them, the number of sessions they get, the length of your program. And THIS is what keeps them coming and sending their friends! Together we will ensure that you are showing up as the powerhouse you were meant to shine as using the best parts of yourself for the highest impact personally, financially, & amongst your community. Apart of you living the life you want and still reaching your goals is making sure you have the business model to support it so we will also make sure you don't have any alignment gaps that are costing you the income & the impact you want you want to be making. 

One of my goals when working together is to make sure you have the massive money making mindset & selling confidence you need to 2-5x your prices & convert your clients into higher end offers. 

Together, we crush your visibility mindset blocks so you can build the confidence you need to massively show up, get known, & shine in your expertise which positions you as an industry go to gal with more impact getting your message out even more, paid speaking events, higher end services & more streams of income in your business, & more media opportunities!

You don’t have to stay where you are because you're ashamed or fearful for wanting more.

You don't have to remain frustrated & overwhelmed not being able to step into the next level of your business.

You don't have to continue feeling like something is missing your business!

You don't have to keep trading your time for dollars! This could actually be your new normal. And to get here, you can't keep up with the same ole' mindset doing the same ole' things!

And you don't have to do it on your own! Getting support doesn't mean you aren't enough, less than, don't know what you're doing - it means you know you ARE enough to invest in, you know your gift is meant to be shared MORE, it means you believe in yourself that much, & you are smart to get support, guidance, & strategy from someone who's done it before because you want results faster, easier, in the flow having fun, & with more time to spend doing other things you love. 

 If you want to confidently show up, shine, & explode in your business with the clients, freedom, & impact you truly dream about at night as the powerhouse you know you are meant to be in business & life, then I’m your girl!

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