Hey Love, I'm Kierra Jones aka The Shine Strategist ™!

I help empire building, world changing female service based entrepreneurs, coaches, & consultants uplevel how they package & position their expertise so they can build a more profitable, marketable, & impactful business that allows them to claim the clients, impact, & time, location, financial, & lifestyle freedom they dream about at night!

Let me guess, you are a woman who has had some success in life, but you want MORE! You want to do more than just survive!  You want to be more in this world! You know you have a level of expertise, experiences, skills, knowledge, & passions that are meant to touch the lives of others. You are ready to monetize your expertise on your own terms so you can finally stop giving it away for pennies & to people who don't appreciate & value your shine! 

And, you want it without feeling ashamed, guilty, overwhelmed, or like you have to sacrifice what you love or better yet, who you are to have it all! 

Because the truth is you don't want to blend in with the crowd or a sea of other coaches, consultants, or service providers in your industry. And you definitely don't want to create a business, brand, messaging, or programs/ digital products/ services that looks like everyone else's. You shine deserves to soulfully & strategically ooze out of every word you say, every post you make, every blog or email, every video you create, every product you put out, & every event you have and speak it. That cookie cutter lifestyle is not meant for your YOUR greatness! You were meant to stand out! This is more important now than ever as the competition in your industry especially online increases; so should your income & impact!

But, for so long, people told you your dreams were too big, crazy, & impossible! You went through life according to other people’s standards, feeling overworked, underpaid, & underappreciated. 

You always felt the need to be someone else just to fit in! So finally getting the courage to make a decision to go after your dreams and build this business has been a huge milestone & you've done it! (Go Girl!!!)

But, one day you looked in the mirror & realized, you've been playing small. The success you've had up until now is great, but you've kept yourself from dreaming & acting bigger! The impact you lay awake at night dreaming about makes you feel like THIS is only the beginning!

How do I know?  Because this was me!

For so long, I held myself back from achieving BIG, MASSIVE, SCARY goals like building an international coaching practice from $0 to $5-8k months then quantum leaping to multiple 5 five figure months in less than 12 months, being on stage speaking to hundreds of people, becoming an international best selling author, & building a community of thousands of women whose lives & success I've been apart of, simply because I didn't believe I was worthy or capable of making my dreams my reality. I searched for the answers, the secret sauce, the strategies to make it all happen. But what was really holding me back was myself & the inner conversation I'd been having with & about myself & my abilities for so long. It was like a radio station I just couldn't turn off. 

So what's holding YOU back from achieving those BIG, MASSIVE, SCARY goals! The ones you dream about at night, but are afraid to shout from the roof top of the Empire State Building afraid they might actually come true OR that you'll fail at some point so you'd rather not try! YOU & your inner conversation have been holding you back from the massive impact you were meant to make on the lives of your clients & beyond. And now, I'm here to FINALLY help you change that radio station so we can really jam unapologetically all the way to the heart of your clients, heights of your potential, & heavily to the bank! 

  • Imagine the power of you and I, together uncovering your expertise & inner shine on a massively deeper level so we can infuse it in every area of your business.
  • Imagine us upleveling your messaging, content, online presence, & brand awareness so it aligns with exactly how you want to show up in the world AND attracts the clientele and business opportunities you really desire? 
  • Imagine us enhancing the way you've been packaging & positioning your expertise & services into your own unique signature system that allows you to massively serve your clients, developing more premium services & programs so you can command the higher clientele you've dreamed of with services that pretty much sell themselves. 
  • Imagine being able to confidently increase your rates without the overwork overwhelm.
  • Imagine if we could identify easy additional profit gaps & add other streams of revenue in your business and more?

How would that accelerate your business AND your impact in this world?

I’m Kierra aka The Shine Strategist™! 

I'm an international best selling author, speaker, leader of The Serve & Sell Accelerator™, & creator of The Expert Incubator™. In less than 12 months, I've built a six figure international coaching practice Kierra Jones International from $0 to $5-8k months consistently then quantum leaped to $20k+ cash months with ease, authenticity, & impact!

Three years ago with an amazing corporate career, car, salary, & more, I made the decision to stop allowing anyone else the power of dictating my potential or my money! Now I'm here helping you do the same!

I work with empire building, world changing, passion driven female service based entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, mentors, speakers, course creators, & trainers in a variety of industries ready to unapologetically claim the success they've dreamed about & beyond!

I help my clients achieve their lifestyle, financial, & time freedom goals while also doing meaningful work & making the impact they know they are meant to make without having to sacrifice who they are in this world of wanna be look-a-likes.

Using my signature High Ticket Serve & Sell Blueprint™, I help my clients boldly & strategically use their natural born gifts, expertise, skills, & experiences to re-package them into more premium services, programs, & digital products that bring the impact AND income they desire while still creating a meaningful transformation & experience for their clients.  I help you accelerate your business without fear, guilt, or sacrificing who you are or the things you love & truly desire in life AND biz. 

 If you are ready to own your niche & expertise, show up as the powerhouse you were meant to shine as in life & biz, make the income you truly desire, never under charge your worth again, & get your message out for the masses to experience, then it's time for you to truly show up, stop hiding afraid of your own success, & explode in business!  It's time for you to time. And I am here to help uncover, unlock, & unleash your inner shine! Let's chat!


Are You Ready to Shine?