Carolyn Keating.jpg

Carolyn doubled her rates & signs a new client in days going on to generate $9000 in less than 6 weeks!

When Carolyn started, she had already signed a few clients into your $1500 program. However, she was looking to create a higher end program that would leverage her expertise & time with clients.

Like so many upleveling coaches & consultants, Carolyn thought she’d have to add more time & a ton of bonuses to warrant the higher rates she wanted to charge.

She had not been able to master signing clients into a higher price point. After working together, we doubled her rates to $3000 for less time in fact, re-built her client attraction & sales strategy so she could master her sales conversations & in less than 6 weeks, she signed 3 new clients in than 6 weeks at $3000, each!
— Carolyn K, Wholesale Consultant for Product Based Businesses, USA

Stephanie Churma.jpg

Stephanie triped her rates & increased her signature program launch after 3 weeks, welcomed PIF soulmate high ticket clients, signed $6500 - $15,000 clients, end got to celebrate her first 5 figure months!

After being in business for over a year, Stephanie was ready to go bigger without it costing her more time!

Our first session ever she triple her rates to her signature program she had launch twice before, filled it in a week increasing her launch by 212%!

As we dig deeper into her mindset & strategy around money, sales, & attracting higher paying clients, Stephanie began to fully show up calling in dozens of quality leads in minutes, attracting super soulmate clients who paid in full, experienced her first 5 figure months AND $15,000 client!
— Stephanie C, Relationship Coach, Canada

Nicole didn’t have the confidence or knowledge on how to up her prices for her 12 week group program. We were able to do some mindset & strategy work to 4x her price for a brand NEW program & signed 2 clients then increase the price AGAIN and signed another client at the new price.
— Nicole H, Life Transition Coach, USA

Client Love for Kierra Jones Visibility Empowerment Coach & Shine Strategist

In 3 weeks, she accelerated her business from $2,000 to $12,000 implementing & selling her first high ticket coaching programs!

“Working with Kierra really helped me. I was impressed by how much Kierra is able to see into you and really dive deep into the root of an issue and turn it around. Mariana S, Intuitive Business Leader, Canada

She gave me lots of clarity and confidence and I am grateful for all my time with her. Everything she said really helped me and my business. I totally recommend Kierra to others.”
— Mariana S, Intuitive Business Leader, Canada

“Kierra has an uncanny ability to take what I say (and even what I don’t say) and create tangible strategies that will grow my business!

I approached Kierra because I was unclear about my ideal client and how to monetize my business. Not only did Kierra help me get 100 % clear on my ideal client, she also gave me concrete ideas for content that will appeal to my target market and translate into income. Kierra’s warm and inviting personality, coupled with her straightforward, no-nonsense approach was a breath of fresh air.

I would recommend Kierra to people who need clarity in their business and who want to start getting results now!”
— Brittany K, Career Coach, USA

Justina Ford Image.jpg

Kierra is an authentic iconic leader every successful woman ready to uplevel to 6-figures & beyond making real & audacious money online can benefit from. Kierra brings to the table a strategic mindset around profitable online business that is like no other.

As a mindset & strategy coach for multi-passionate women of faith, I remember being concerned about the structure of my enrollment (launch). Kierra opened my mind to strategically structure & position my program in a way that allows me to continually make money without putting myself or my expertise in a box!

If you are at a place in your business where you are fully booked with 1:1 clients & need to restructure for higher ticket programs or passive income for continued growth...Kierra will not only help you map out client attraction for it, but will guide & teach you how to create them as strategic money making assets!! This chick has the formula to truly serve AND sell!
— Justina Ford, The Soul-Alignment Coach & Strategist, USA

Within minutes of speaking with Kierra, you instantly feel more confident like you can do anything. She listens to your needs & desires in your business & helps turn your negatives into positives. Even more, she helps you create a detailed outline so you have a plan on how to actually achieve your goals & where to start. Plus, her support along the way is pure excellence!
— M. Bradley, Style Consultant, USA

Khara Ashburne.jpg

 Khara made more sales in ONE WEEK then she did in the ENTIRE MONTH prior!

It’s rare that you meet someone on line who is able to quickly capture the vision you have for your business, and then message to you exactly what is needed to help you growth.

Kierra brings a tremendous sense of clarity with her no-nonsense style. She cut right through my excuses and PUSHED me to think bigger. Her counsel is sound and she is wise far beyond her years.

Thanks to her insights I was able to gross more sales in one week then I had the entire month previously. Thanks again Kierra!
— Khara A, Health & Wellness Coach, USA

Kierra helped me realize just how much I had low balling my worth & selling myself short. She helped me see that as women we have gifts that the world needs AND wants, but it blew my mind how little we broadcast about them! She empowered me to be unapologetic about my gifts & that was monumental for me. I am grateful that she is so comfortable in her own skin because the brightness of her shine has opened my eyes to the power of me.
— Eboni E. - Beauty Stylist & Consultant, USA

Dorothy Inez Image 3.jpg

She went from focusing on $997 group programs to selling her DREAM $5k program plus reduced her launch time to 1 week generating $7k in sales with an automation plan to scale!

“When it comes to creating a business that consistently produces income, Kierra is your girl! She provides strategies so you can structure your business in a way that creates sustainable income without being extremely stressed out. Most of all, I love working with Kierra because doesn’t play if you are serious about growing business that thrives!”

In the past decade, Dorothy-Inez has helped 100s of women but, was ready to call in higher paying clients beyond her $997 group programs.

She did the mindset (forgiveness & worthiness as a high ticket expert) AND strategy work she needed around her offers & messaging, gaining the next level of clarity she needed to bring the program that had been on her heart for over a year to life. And instead of her typical long launch timelines, she gave herself permission to launch in a week & generated over $7000!
— Dorothy-Inez D.T., Confidence & Personal Presence Coach, USA

Client Love for Kierra Jones Visibility Empowerment Coach & Shine Strategist

With just 1 VIP Day on messaging, dream client, & her re-packaging her offer, she gained 5x more calls for her new program in one week!

“When I started working with Kierra, I hated doing videos, but she helped me get visible, clarify my message, and even create a content plan to attract my ideal clients.

Kierra has a way of taking what you tell her and turning it into a masterpiece. She is truly gifted and has a way of making it seem like two girlfriends just having conversation while giving you the tools you need to get results.

I am doing new things I’ve never done to attract my dream clients with ease because I just wasn’t before without the fear that held me back before.
— Krystal D, Mindset & Personal Development Coach, USA

“Kierra is the coach that every woman entrepreneur who is serious about serving and succeeding from the heart needs.

Her compassionate yet clear style ensures you not only get to the bottom of what is blocking you, but that you confidently put plans in place to get past it. This allows you to quickly get back to the business of blessing the people you are meant to serve with your business.”
— Alex M, Dating & Relationship Coach, USA

Morag Photo.jpg

She was able to sign 12 clients, confidently doubled the price AND sold her main 1:1 program, & was invited as a guest host for an international retreat. 

“I loved working with Kierra! She is like a super focused, confident best friend who won’t hold back on what you have to hear and she does it in a really supportive way.  You can’t help but finish each call feeling fired up, happy and ready to get started on your “shinework”!  

When I started I was really quite nervous about putting myself out there and promoting my business & things like Facebook Live scared the life out of me!  Now, I have my own group, regularly do Facebook Live videos, & was recently asked to be a guest speaker & invited to speak at 2 retreats. 

I loved the strategies around planning, figuring out who my ideal client is, and how to go about authentically engaging with them. I’m also working on content for a workshop & online course - something else I would have found terrifying before working with Kierra.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kierra to anyone who is ready to take their business to the next level but needs a little help with focus, confidence and planning.”
— Morag G, Health & Wellness Coach, Saudi Arabia

“Even just working on my ideal client left so much more information and generated avenues of income I had never thought of. I’m so glad I signed up to gain the clarity & confidence so I can serve my clients better.”
— Tomecca W, Financial Management Coach, USA

Alicia Ford Image.jpg

 The way Kierra breaks things down in her mind allows you to take out what you need & what works for you so you can apply bits & pieces into your business in the simplest form. She does it in a way that doesn’t make you feel like she’s taking over your business, but rather accumulating new strategies, approaches, tools & resources that you can apply & leverage in your business so you yourself don’t have to work harder. 

As you grow & scale in your business, it is about working smarter not harder! If you can set yourself up so that the systems & processes you have in place are able to go further & do more for you, you open more time for you to be inspired & create, expand your visibility & brand, attract more premium clients, & enjoy life & the success you’ve built!

Before working with Kierra, I was extremely overwhelmed running a full time business while working a full time job. The demand didn’t allow me to manage the marketing, social media, & sales calls in my coaching business the way I wanted to. I often felt like I was behind on something!

Since working with Kierra, I’ve been able to get more clarity on what’s important to me, how I want to run & scale my business bringing more productivity & I understand I don’t have to be everywhere all at once. This has allowed me to focus on key areas to grow & nurture my community & email list leading to more engagement with quality leads & booking more sales calls.
— Alicia F, The Impact Mentor, USA

Shameka Photo.jpg

  She followed the strategies & took action with confidence to get known in her niche industry becoming a twice published authored, was featured in multiple magazines, & podcasts, & venturing into paid speaking! 

“Working with Kierra has helped me gain more confidence in myself & my expertise to get out of my own way & step out of my comfort zone. I have been doing more live videos and gotten several requests to do guest blogs, articles, & podcasts.

Since participating in the program, I’ve been more focused on planning out my day, week, month & year to help me reach my goals. I realized it doesn’t have to be complicated.”
— Shameka A, Disability Empowerment Coach, USA

“Woah is all I can say! I am so grateful for the time we spent together. I was feeling a little bit stuck and Kierra helped me reframe the way I was thinking.

I gained clarity in how to move forward. Not only that but she gave me very concrete tools & systems that she uses in her business that helped me think about ways to structure & strategize mine and how to actually implement them.

The real life stories she used were also great and allowed me to not feel alone in the process of starting a business. After talking to Kierra in one session, you are ready to take immediate, visibility increasing, more strategic, proftiable action. I am sending everyone I know to her now because she is awesome. Thank you, Kierra!
— Carolyn M, Health & Wellness Coach, USA

Client Love for Kierra Jones Visibility Empowerment Coach & Shine Strategist
Kierra is amazing, high energy, always positive and understanding. She’s beyond dedicated & I love how transparent she is with us.

Since the group program, there was a huge change in my business from the new systems, goals, and strategies I executed. I have more returning clients and a better sense of direction plus I’m more efficient and effective.

Kierra is amazing and a great person to work with to grow not only as business owner but also as a woman! Great investment! Thank you Kierra, a Woman Who Shines!
— Angel O, Online Boutique Owner, USA
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