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Hey overachiever! I was you - I jumped out on the scene ready to crush it! No was not an option for me. I knew that I was meant for more than the traditional college to corporate life. So when I started my own personal brand and started building my business, I saw results fast!

Results many dream of! But for me it was just the beginning! I was never afraid to invest in myself, take action, and make things happen!

I signed the clients, quickly celebrated the 4 and 5 figure months, and crushed my multiple 5 figure launches with $30, 40, and 50k months! I did the keynote speaking and in person workshops! I was known as the go to person when it came to monetizing your expertise & selling the hell out of it!

But something was massively off & missing! I knew the work I did was about more than money & sales! That I was meant to create an even deeper impact on this planet through every person I touched and client I worked with. I felt like I was playing small.

But I was getting results. Why was I complaining. Sure I had bigger business, brand, money, and lifestyle goals and desires I had NOT yet achieved, but I still wasn’t doing bad. They say don’t fix it if it’s not broken.

On paper, my business wasn’t broken. In my heart, I secretly wanted to burn it all down!

But I was afraid! Was the time away from my loved ones, the late nights, and all the hard work & effort I put in a complete waste? Was the corporate career & retirement plan I left behind all for nothing? Was I going to have to start all the way over? Would I have to go back to low 4 figure months or even no revenue months at all as I transitioned things? There’s no way I switch things up now I thought?

Yet I couldn’t stop thinking about the misalignment I felt to what I was teaching, what I was selling, what I was talking about, how I was showing up, who I was working with, the prices I was charging, and how I was running my business?

And I knew I couldn’t go on like that. Because sooner or later, I was going to plateau with no growth OR build up so much resentment that I was going to sabotage it all. I left behind a career where I had to do things I didn’t really want to do … why the hell would I allow myself to keep doing things I didn’t want to do, replacing a job for a job?! I started this business for freedom - freedom to be fully me, to focus on what I loved, to work with people I loved working with, to work from where I wanted & when I wanted, and to make the money I wanted doing the work I loved that didn’t even feel like work.

So I did one of the HARDEST things I’ve ever had to do … I gave myself permission to realign the fuck out of my business!

💣 My offers, business models, & prices!

💣 My audience & clients!

💣 My messaging & what I was teaching & coaching on!

💣 My schedule, lifestyle, and operations of my business - especially how my business fit into my life & relationship!

When I started making these shifts, it felt scary as hell, but I trusted myself! I signed a couple clients into my 5 figure mentorship program, then did an inspired $30k launch in a week. Then, I found myself needing to realign so more, so I gave myself permission AGAIN. I went through the same process and it lead to me having 8 months of bliss - I made even more money, doubled my profit, and reduced my working time in half while having wayyy more fun so I could focus on my relationship and myself when I closed the door to 95% of my private mentorship work.

I remember being open with my clients at the time about all of this and tears flowing as I walked them through this process. The shifts it had in their lives as they implemented it. The love that came back into their relationships, the presence that resurfaced with their families, the joy that oozed all over the faces on their livestreams, the inspiration that flowed from them during their team meetings and content / business planning, the pleasure they experienced all around them.

And seeing this lead to their own first $30k month after years in business, booking $15-35k clients, signing 6-15 clients in a week into 4 figure programs, being flown out to speaking events all expenses paid, closing five figures of business from the stage - their joy, excitement, passion … the pleasure they felt in their business for their business, what they were teaching and what they were selling completely changed.

They felt “reborn again”, like the “fire was lite up until the ass again”, “in love with their business again”, and most of all, their business and the work they were doing all felt ORGASMIC like never before!

They felt “more connected to their brand, message, offers, & clients than EVER before!”

They didn’t dread getting on calls with less than ideal clients, get off livestreams drained, feel obligated to do the shit they didn’t really want to do, stick to a schedule that made them feel chained to their laptops, and so much more!

So what would it feel like for you to experience this type of trust, freedom, flow, joy, pleasure, and excitement in your business? What would it feel like to have the clarity from your soul and feel so completely aligned you move quicker, more powerfully, and more profitably? What would you be able to experience and create from this past? How would you feel being connected more than ever before? How would this shift your life?

THIS is what’s possible for you when you join us in Realign to Shine!

15- days of deep dive training & masterminding to teach you about my realignment process designed to change your energy in and around your business and your next level so you can shine in life AND business!

🔥 SAY YES TO FLOW, EASE, passion, & ALIGNMENT as you allow yourself to receive & experience your next level!

🔥 say yes to being turned on by your business, completely on fire!

🔥 Say yes to being inspired with the CERTAINTY & trust to take aligned action that just makes money faster!

🔥 say yes to your next level feeling effortless with no fear around actually succeeding & having more!

🔥 Say Yes to what you realllly want to be charging unbothered by your next level money mindset fuckery!

🔥 Say yes to the way you’ve realllly been wanting to work with your soul clients!

🔥 Say yes to the dozens of ideas, sticky notes, & journal entries you never gave yourself permission on!

🔥 Say yes to what your soul is craving has been craving to shine in business & life!

🔥 say yes to your energy & vibration being so fucking magnetic, you’re a natural visibility & sales queen!



INSIDE Realign to Shine…

  • 15 days of daily access to me in our private group for feedback as you create/restructure any offers, your business model, pricing, messaging, marketing & visibility strategies, or audience and support on any mindset stuff that comes up as you take aligned action!

  • A deep dive into my next level alignment assessment to quickly see where your energy is misaligned with key areas within your business, brand, and work-life balance! I’m not holding anything back, I want to be support open and answer any of your questions sharing my realignment journey!

  • A strategy & mindset deep dive guide into my next level clarity process for realigning your business model, core offers, target audience, and selling strategies!

  • Realignment Trainings + Exercises to support you in building the mindset you need to take aligned action and allow yourself to receive this next level of joy, fulfillment, and abundance!


  • (4) Live Group Coaching and Mastermind Calls with where we do mindset deep dives into your blocks around your next level income / visibility / vision (people get off these calls feeling inspired to take massive aligned action that JUST so happening to add $$$$ into their bank accounts)! This is guaranteed direct individual coaching on mindset and strategy to unapologetically shine in your next level on whatever is coming up for you as you started to implement the realignment strategies and breakthrough the misalignment shifts that have been holding you back for this long when you know you should be further along!

  • $30k Inspired Launch Plan - $30k in 5 Days - completely free access to my exclusive, never before publicly released inspired launch plan that my clients and I have personally used to generate $30k in 5-15 days that my private clients invest thousands of dollars to learn and have me by their side as the customize it for their business and implement! I will be by yourself as you customize and implement your very own! This is the exact process of how I step into fast aligned action, trust myself with inspired ideas, and create $10-30k in 5-10 days calling in clients I absolutely love working with who get incredible results and actually resign with me delivering programs I don’t roll my eyes after the money hits my bank account!

  • Plus, a ton of bonus shit because I’m extra AF that will all lead to MORE high vibe & next level clarity, alignment, & energy, powerful mindset shifting, and fast results altering! Pinky promise!


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