You're ready to sign your first batch of clients, like yesterday!

  • You've probably created your "signature package" or your first self study program/ course or even a membership site! You've opened it for enrollment, but all you hear are crickets!

  • Maybe you've done what so many other new coaches, consultants, & service based business owners do - you focused on perfecting your website (ugh, how long did that take you?), getting a few branding photos taken & a logo created, or getting that certification even though you have some experience & a level of expertise, because THAT's what's going to make you look even more like a "real business" or build your credibility for people to take you serious like you reallyyyyy know what you're doing, right?! Totally not money making, credibility building, client attracting tasks! Which basically means you've been wasting time doing things that ARE important, but not important NOW!

  • It feels like you've done everything - you've posted your offers, wrote blog posts, did Facebook Lives, ran Facebook Ads, posted in other Facebook groups, gone to networking events, tried to connect with people locally so they can get to know you, you may even have done a free speaking gig - none of it has generated the leads you need or want!

All you want to do is get people on a call, get people interested & engaged, get people to say YES without you having to discount your rates, prove yourself to them, or sound desperate! Is that too hard to ask!

And when you DO get someone on the phone, it's the same broken record - you're great but I can't afford it! Now isn't the time! I'll keep you mind! I have to talk to my husband! I don't have credit cards so there's no way I could make this work! Do you have anything for free that will help me until I can afford this! Blah, Blah, Blah!

At this point, you've tried a few things to accelerate your growth:

  • You've tried to DIY your way to success spending weeks, months, (I'm hoping I don't have to say years) listening to gurus, experts, & other people you look up to YouTube Channels, watching their livestreams, being in their Facebook groups, reading their blogs - taking in every freebie or webinar & training. You have tons of notebooks filled with ideas, the latest strategies, & all the stuff you're supposed to do all to sign that first batch of clients & position yourself as an expert even if you're brand new & no one knows your name!
  • Or, you've invested in courses that seem to either sit on your shelf OR you went through it & it didn't give you the attention you needed. (Did one just pop into your head?) Having a course because you can go at it at your own pace is actually good for you because you have A LOT to do these days between family & work. However, what you needed was a coach who's where you want to be - let's say who's mastered $5k months for herself & her clients & now runs a 6 figure international coaching practice bringing in $20k+ months, cash! Who could take your hand step by step with a proven blueprint broken down in the exact steps you need to focus on to create, market, & actually sell your first coaching program. Who you could talk to a few times a month live to get laser coaching. Who could introduce you to other women exactly where you are in a community where she does bonus content & feedback in a group you have daily access to! So the point is, you needed more hands on, personal touches then those courses could provide.
  • Or, you have invested in a group coaching or 1:1 coaching program already before! You got all excited & joined, you knew THAT was the one that was going to help. But you didn't identify exactly what it covered so maybe it was a little too advanced for leaving out a lot of the foundational pieces you needed. Or maybe you got enough to bring you to this point like it helped you "get to know your ideal client" or "create your signature program" - yet you're still not selling it! 


Looking for a customized experience designed to fast track your acceleration & solve your biggest problem delaying your business, income, & impact growth?

You're a coach, consultant, or service provider who's either .....

  • Just starting out looking to sign your first client or fill your first group program
  • Or, you've already signed clients 

Introducing: Six Weeks to Shine 

The Six Weeks to Shine Program is a completely customized, concentrated deep dive experience! designed for you to gain the clarity, confidence, and strategy you need to take bold action around a specific struggle you are having in your business right now.


This is a short-term program for fast action women struggling with the guidance, focus, direction, & action plan they need uplevel how they package, position, shine in, & monetize their expertise NOW! They are ready to immediately get support, build & execute the plan with self doubt, & have access to pick the brain of someone with the strategies, proven results, & passion. They are ready to gain a partner in their success towards the next level. 


This experience will be customized to you & your needs so before we start, you will get to complete a Welcome Packet that will allow you to identify the particular struggles you are having and where you want to focus on during our time together. Below is a list of areas I specialize in and what some of my most successful clients have focused on during their experience:


  • Messaging & Expertise Clarity (because the money is in your message & positioning your skill set) so you can confidently communicate your expertise & value through your brand messaging, content, & offerings 
  • Building your Program & Product Pyramid - a strategic map of systems & signature products that highlight your strengthens & provide the transformation your ideal clients are looking for so you can monetize your expertise with multiple streams of income
  • Creating a customized Client Attractive Strategy Plan so you can confidently creation content that attracts & converts quality leads & not just likes to your programs & digital products
  • Positioning their expertise with a customized Shine Visibility & Marketing Strategy so you get seen as an expert to your clients & industry
  • Change the negative money story you've claimed by building a massive money making mindset & stop sabotaging profit strategies so you can talk about money without your stomach turning & earn the money you really want
  • Mindset, confidence, & visibility blocks breakthrough that keeps you from showing up & taking action consistently
  • Developing your leadership confidence & presence so you start running & growing your business for long term gain



The Six Weeks to Shine Includes:

  • Two (60) min Shine Intensives 

  • Four (30) min weekly Shines Sessions 

  • Six weeks of unlimited VIP access to me as your coach via Facebook or Voxer chat for extra support as you begin implementing your action plan, have questions or need feedback on content creation for emails, promotional posts, & blogs, freebies, sales & landing pages, or need a quick mindset & confidence boost

  • A Welcome Packet with in depth exercises to help gain clarity around your struggle & goals so we maximize our coaching time together

  • Personalized Shine & Success Action Plan of your 30-60 Day Goals & Strategies 

If you want to confidently show up, shine, & explode in your business so you can get paid as the powerhouse woman you know you are meant to be in business and life, then I’m your girl! Are you ready to SHINE!?

Still have questions or want to chat more, click here to book a complimentary call so we can get them answered.

Hear From Women Who've Had a Shine Intensive Experiences

Client Love for Kierra Jones Visibility Empowerment Coach & Shine Strategist
When I started working with Kierra, I hated doing videos, but she helped me get visible, clarify my message, and even create a content plan to attract my ideal clients. Before Kierra, I had not booked any calls then within days of The Shine Intensive, I had 5 calls with people very interested in my coaching program. Plus, I did it with ease and without the fear that held me back before. Kierra has a way of taking what you tell her and turning it into a masterpiece. She is truly gifted and has a way of making it seem like two girlfriends just having conversation while giving you the tools you need to get results.
— Krystal DesChamps, Mindset & Personal Development Coach
Kierra is an Angel sent down from heaven. For the longest time I have needed someone to talk to who can understand me and help me get past my fears and build my confidence and that is what Kierra did. I signed up for her coaching session and I learned a lot from her in just one session. She helped me believe in my capabilities and feel empowered. I am so lucky to have met Kierra. She is always there for me on Facebook messenger when I need advice. She will go above and beyond to make sure I am going in the direction I am supposed to be heading in. Thank you Kierra!!!! Xoxo!!!! (Within days of just one intensive session, this amazing woman got her first client in her new business with three more to follow!)
— FB, Social Media Manager & Virtual Assistant, South America
Client Love for Kierra Jones Visibility Empowerment Coach & Shine Strategist
Working with Kierra in the Shine Intensive really helped me. I was impressed by how much Kierra is able to see into you and really dive deep into the root of an issue and turn it around. She gave me lots of clarity and confidence and I am grateful for all my time with her. Everything she said really helped me and my business. I totally recommend Kierra to others.”

Within 3 weeks of our intensive, she signed 3 new high end clients in her coaching programs & more than quadrupled her original investment!
— MS, Intuitive Business Leader, Canada
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