The uplevel experience for high achieving coaches, consultants, speakers, & service providers that will completely transform how you SERVE AND SELL taking your business income & impact to the next level!

The SSA is an intimate uplevel experience for high achieving coaches, consultants, speakers, & professional service providers that will completely transform how you SERVE AND SELL, scaling your business income & impact to the next level by focusing on booking out your practice with at least 3 to 5 clients in your $3-10k signature offer within the next 3-4 months!

This transformational, high touch, results oriented 12 to 16 week intimate business accelerator experience has been customized for several of my clients who've tripled their revenue in 3-12 weeks & made business fun & fulfilling again!

It's designed with the mindset + strategy + support to do one thing only - sell your high ticket $3-10k offer! 

Together, we uncover a deeper level of your true gift & expertise than you've ever known before that helps us design & structure your signature, one of a kind high ticket $3-10k+ service that ONLY you can deliver to your clients so it stands out & is completely irresistible. We'll map out exactly what you need to tweak to uplevel your brand, marketing messaging, & content. You'll be able to position yourself as THE only, go to option for your soulmate clients willing to invest at a premium high level & command the 4 & 5 figure rates you really want to be charging! Plus the mindset + confidence + courage to boldly & authentically show up & sell as a premium coach inside out!

Together, you & I focus on 4 key areas that allow you to gain more visibility, attract amazing clients, charge your worth, & serve in the most fulfilling & impactful way, while generating more sales with ease making your business fun again:

Mastermind for Coaches, Consultants, & Service Providers Who Want to Sell High Ticket Programs, Services, & Digital Products


Sure, you've signed clients & made some sales & for many $1500 clients & even $3000 or $5000 months would be the dream. But for YOU my upleveling queen, it's merely JUST THE BEGINNING!

Scaling your business NOW isn't going to come from Facebook Ads, hiring a new team member, journaling about it, or launching that program, again!

And everything else you're doing right now is NOT helping you scale your business the way you know you should be!

  • Your messaging feels off & your marketing is blending in/ fading out in the sea of social media post, Facebook groups, & full inboxes making you completely invisible to your soulmate clients!

  • You're NOT getting enough of the right leads & constantly giving too much away for free because that coach told you to serve, give, deliver value for free the clients will come. Yet, it's only attracting people NOT willing to pay! 

  • You feel stuck charging what you currently do with offers that are starting to feel boring & unsure of what to include in a higher ticket offer so you can raise your rates & actually sell it like yesterday, wondering if YOU really deserve a double or even triple your current rate OR if you can keep up with the work for those high 4 & 5 figure months!
  • Your current pricing & business model is NOT helping you reach any of your money goals so you're constantly back at $0, starting over every month, & taking from your savings or credit cards because your cash flow is crap!

  • You feel guilt for seeming ungrateful for even wanting more, shameful of what others like your partner or family may think of your success!

  • Exhausted, frustrated, overworked & underpaid, wondering where the freedom you started your business for is, painfully questioning if your family & personal life will suffer as if YOU can't be the boss of your life & biz, right? (time with the people you love, time off for yourself & that monthly massage, the ability to travel more than once a year & go to your favorite restaurant more than on special occasions, the chance to pursue & invest in other passion projects & businesses because your legacy is about more than just this business!) 
  • All of this is causing you to question yourself & your expertise, afraid you won't have enough value to offer your clients at this new level (fraud feelings) so you keep holding yourself back & playing small because it feels safe or keeps those around you like your partner, family, peers in your industry comfortable! 


Is The Serve & Sell Accelerator™ For You?

If you are serious about working less, selling more, & impacting deeper.... you need the SSA!

  • Finally stop giving your expertise away for pennies & increase your rates so they feel really, really good! Charging exactly what you want for the AH-MAZING work you do with a profitable & scalable business model that creates consistent results for long term success!

  • Uplevel your messaging so it highlights your true expertise & infuse it in content that serves AND sells for you without felling like you're giving too much! Intentionally magnetize the right clients you absolutely love to work with ready to invest in working with you! You'll want to clone 'em! Plus, attract quality industry opportunities that accelerate your impact & influence!

  • Position your expertise & offers high ticket style to capture the best parts of you & exactly what you are meant to teach & offer to the world so you command the four & five figure rates you crave without hesitation. 

  • Create a core offer premiumly priced at $3-10k & that books out your practice over & over again and brings in consistent 4 & 5 figure months that serves your clients on a whole new level that turns them into raving clients who brag about the transformation & results you helped them get to all their biz besties! 

  • Actually sell that signature$3-10k offer with authenticity in a way that feels good & doesn't cause your voice to crackle, palms to sweat, or step out of your own integrity & actually connects with your prospects without wasting endless hours only to get to a NO!

I get it! I was a high performing, empire building coach passionate about leading my clients to epic results, but wanting to be paid well too! After too many free calls, trainings, guest expert takeovers later, & free groups to count attracting people not willing to pay, I knew I needed to Serve AND Sell!  

I was tired of $3-5k months just to break even & survive! I wanted more & I know right now, you do too! 

I finally started embracing everything I desired. I honed in on exactly what I was meant to teach & serve my clients in that no one else could, I upleveled my marketing & brand messaging & offers attracting a higher version of my ideal clients commanding premium rates all using my High Ticket Serve & Sell Blueprint™! 


Kierra Jones Visibility Empowerment Coach & Shine Strategist aka The Shine Empowerer
I scaled my business from $5,000 to $40,000 months, traveling!

I scaled my business from $5,000 to $40,000 months, traveling!

In 12 weeks, I scaled my business from $3- 5K to $20K CASH months, while traveling, then, did it again to experience $40K months using the High Ticket Serve & Sell Blueprint™!

Serving my clients & showing up in my business more powerful than ever before with ease & FUN AGAIN!

I've Created THE Blueprint with the Uplevel Strategy & Support for Every Passion AND Profit Based Woman Who Cares About Her Impact AND Income! 

For YOU!

If you want to grow & scale your expert business with $3-10k services within the next 3-4 months, there is NO other option for you except The Serve & Sell Accelerator™!


Hear From Women Who've Had the Blueprint Customized for Their Businesses & Brands

Mastermind for Coaches, Consultants, & Service Providers Who Want to Sell High Ticket Programs, Services, & Digital Products
Mastermind for Coaches, Consultants, & Service Providers Who Want to Sell High Ticket Programs, Services, & Digital Products

We spend our time focusing on exactly what YOU need to powerfully expand yourself into a premium coach selling $3-10k services! Our goal is for you to sign 3-5 clients into your signature program without scaficing your authencity or an ounce of your shine, how you serve your clients, or the time/lifestyle/location freedom you desire & deserve!

Inside The Serve & Sell Accelerator™, we are doing intensive work:

Mastermind for Coaches, Consultants, & Service Providers Who Want to Sell High Ticket Programs, Services, & Digital Products
  • Expanding your six figure mindset & energy that shines for not just big results, but consistent fulfilling results even down to your day to day how you're managing yourself, your business, & your time (No Guilt, Shame, Sabotage, or Doubt Welcome!) 

  • Analyzing your business to understand what's missing or needs to be restructured in your Business & Mission Alignment, Dream Client, Messaging, Content, Offers, Pricing that's delaying your acceleration?

  • Redesigning & pricing your signature program into a premium high ticket offer you have no question selling!

  • Rebranding your marketing messaging & upleveling your content so it attracts positions your expertise in a premium way & magnetizes your soulmate clients without having to be anyone else but yourself!  

  • Developing a completely customized sales strategy for YOU, your signature program, & your soulmate client so you can master your sales conversation with confidence & ease! No more convincing! 

Hear From More Women Who've Used the Blueprint to Accelerate Their Business

Mastermind for Coaches, Consultants, & Service Providers Who Want to Sell High Ticket Programs, Services, & Digital Products
Mastermind for Coaches, Consultants, & Service Providers Who Want to Sell High Ticket Programs, Services, & Digital Products

The Serve & Sell Accelerator™, is more than just another program, it's an experience for women tired of getting lost in their own head, feeling alone, & talking themselves out of what they really want because aiming lower feels safer.

If you're ready to sign 3-5 clients into your $3-10k high ticket signature program - doubling your rates, tripling your revenue, & scaling with ease & authenticity, join the women who've done it on average in 3-9 weeks with The High Ticket Serve & Sell Blueprint™ infused in the accelerator! Ready to join us!!


There are 2 ways for you & I to work together to completely customize the blueprint for you: either in a private mentorship program which requires a deposit of $6,000 USD or an intimate mastermind with only a handful of women exactly where you (ready to create, market, & sell multiple $3-10k services) which requires a deposit of $2500 USD. 

When you apply at the button below, we will work together to identify the best option for you to get started in immediately!

With The Serve & Sell Accelerator™, I am in your corner as your biggest cheerleaders! THIS is your new normal! And to get here, you can't keep up with the same ole mindset doing the same ole things! It can be this easy for you, you don't have to make it hard overthinking every step & you don't have to do it alone. You don't have to run around with 100 hands, exhausted, & feeling like you have to start over again every month with your goals. 

You can get these results faster, easier, & in flow all while having fun & feeling good doing it. It is time to make your business fun again. 

I invite to enter your very own Serve & Sell Accelerator™ Experience!

You don't have to hold those BIG, scary, yet exciting goal alone! You don't have to feel like you have to hide your excitement about signing a five figure client & you definitely don't have to feel weird about typing something like "Kierra, selling that $10k package felt easy!" or "I hit $20k finally!" I've created a safe space for you to shine in ways you never knew you could & so often tried to hide full of the exact strategy, support, & leadership you need to be bigger, better, & bolder! So my promise to you in this experience is to ensure you feel like you have a daily partner because I care about you & your success doing what you love. Your success is my success! 

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