Interested in a Monetize Your Expertise Luxury Day? 

A one day live VIP business acceleration experience with Kierra focus on planning, implementation, & results!

Let's be clear. If you're on this page, you probably already know what NOT monetizing your expertise MORE looks & feels like. The truth is YOU ARE LIVING IT RIGHT NOW!

I work with female service based business owners- coaches, consultants, strategists, experts, speakers, & trainers in industries such as Business, Branding & Design, Life Coaching, Mindset & Empowerment, Health & Wellness, Finances, Relationship & Marriage, Wedding & Events, Beauty & Style, Professional Services, and more.

These are business owners who are packaging their expertise into programs, services, or digital products who want to build a MORE profitable, marketable, and impactful business. Who are amazing at what they do & want to be paid more for it! Who want to unlock their unique skill set & approach to their expertise on a deeper level so they can unapologetically apply it in every area of a business that lights up their soul & allows them to really shine in their industry. Who want to position their expertise & claim their authority in their industry so they can increase their brand awareness, gain higher end clientele, & charge higher rates without overwhelming themselves or sacrificing the time, lifestyle, or location freedom they desire! Who want to massively serve their clients & communities while still selling and making the money they want on their own terms! Does that sound like YOU?

If you are TIRED of giving away your expertise for what feels like pennies (or sometimes it really is & you want a fast paced, completely customized day to work with someone who's grown their international coaching practice from $0 to multiple five figure months in less than 12 months and has helped dozens of other women do the same, then a Monetize Your Expertise VIP Luxury Day is for you. And I wouldn't wait! 

I literally shut my business down to dedicate it to you & your growth and I only offer a few a year so if you know you need a day like this will change your ENTIRE business & life around, you need to book asap. 

One of my favorite things about these VIP Days is that the power of is that I meet YOU where YOU are in YOUR business today to create a strategic & soulful game plan for where you want to be tomorrow. 

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Together, we take an in-depth look at where you & your business are, uncover the gaps keeping you from accelerating your business exactly where you want it to go, and build a detailed strategy & plan so you can create the impact AND income you desire with the lifestyle, financial, and time freedom you deserve without having to sacrifice the things you love or the best parts of who you are.  

Please note: This photo is blurred out for the confidentiality of our clients. 

Please note: This photo is blurred out for the confidentiality of our clients. 


Let's just say we have a highly productive, profitable, & business altering day full of business analyzing!

  • To see exactly what's working & what's not & why so we can do more of what's working & put attention on new similar strategies to accelerate your business even quicker!
  • Brainstorming to create ideas on how to uplevel your business in the easiest most fulfilling way that fits into your lifestyle! Your life shouldn't have to fit into your business! 
  • Designing & development of your new & improved business model. We may keep some of what you're currently doing (current audience, offers, pricing, & client attraction strategies) but we may also take some things that are draining you, your brand, & your profits. Then, we'll add new streams of income you never thought about but fall in love with & map them out top to bottom so you leave with an immediate action plan step by step.
   Please note: This photo is blurred out for the confidentiality of our clients. 


Please note: This photo is blurred out for the confidentiality of our clients. 

In the video above was Ashleigh, a Digital Media & Content Strategist and Web Designer after her very own VIP Day! As a established business owner, she came in selling a few of her $1500+ packages, but wanted support in creating a new business model that allowed her to focus on the areas of her skill set she enjoyed working in & ditching the rest. In her VIP Day, we mapped out her new business model & restructured her current programs & services into 3 main signature offers at pricing that felt amazing to her. This way she could focus on higher end premium clients instead of spreading herself too thin & still be able to handle multiple high level clients to meet her income goals while still providing an amazing experience & results of impact AND maintaining balance with her family. We created a hot leads list for those new programs & worked on her positioning for marketing to them which resulted in us creating a content plan of over 200 pieces of content she can use all year & mapped out a brand new funnel for her new digital product to create more passive (residual) income in her business model. Ashleigh made her investment back from her VIP Day immediately by signing 1 new client! Ashleigh said this was the most confident she's ever felt in her business AND her plan & that it felt so aligned to actually how she wanted to run her business long term. We took out all the stuff she didn't want to do & positioned what she loved to do in premium offers that her clients want to invest in! 

So you see, I was not created to help you build some cookie cutter business or program (#BORING). I am here to help you take your shine, expertise, skills, personally, and everything in between to help map out a step by step blueprint that soulfully & strategically lights you up, magnetizes your dream clients, AND helps your wallet shine all the way to the bank. 

Therefore, each & every Monetize Your Expertise VIP Day is completely built around you and where you are in your business. 

  • Perhaps you're just starting out with no clue on where to start or you've been brainstorming in that journal you love with all your ideas but haven't quite put everything together from your messaging to your services to your pricing to attracting and selling clients! (After Olivia's VIP Day, she gained massive clarity on her messaging, what it was she did for her clients & how to put it into words so she could sell it. She signed enough clients to go full time in her business within 3 months!)


  • Or maybe you've launched your business but haven't signed any clients yet (maybe you have a package put together but think it could be better, not sure on your ideal client & definitely not sure how to start attracting them). (After Krystal's VIP Day, she realized the holes that were messing in her messaging & marketing preventing her from attracting her ideal client to her programs & services. She's booked 5x more calls in her business of quality leads and has signed her first batch of paying clients and filled her first group program!)


  • Or maybe you signing clients & making sales, but you know it's time to step your game up so you can double your income & accelerate the success you're already having in your business for 2018. (After Mariana's VIP Day, we streamlined her messaging, re-positioned her packages to attract higher end clientele & she went from making $2k a month to $12k in 3 weeks! Or even Khara who had about 20+ members in her group program & a one on one program that we needed to revamp to charge more for it & reduce the number of one on ones she needed to sign to reach her income goals. Khara made more in one week then she did the month prior within days of her intensive!)


This customized, concentrated deep dive experience designed for you to gain the clarity, confidence, and strategy you need to take bold action around specific challenges that are holding you and your business back is the answer you've been looking for to your biggest question - what am I going to do next?

If you're struggling with the guidance, focus, direction, and an action plan to immediately insert into your business this is it. I am ready to support you so we can get you to serving, selling, & shining more!

Please note, current I only do 1 a month as these are days I completely shut down my business & step away from my high end clients to dedicate it to you, your business, & your growth. If you are interested, be sure to join the waitlist so you can get your application asap. 

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What Happens After You Sign Up?

Once you're signed up, you will receive a Welcome Packet with a detailed survey to give me a clear picture of exactly where you are in your business and develop our plan of attack for our VIP Day. It'll also have all the logistics you need for our day!

One of my favorite pieces of feedback from my clients is that they are blown away by the intentional flow I map out for your experience. 

One of the things I hear from 99% of my clients is that they can't believe we covered as much as we did in our time together in a way that was "extremely organized, flowed well, and wasn't as overwhelming as they thought."



On Your VIP Day...

  • We will spend a full day (6-8 hours) having an intensive working & business planning session. This is not a watch Kierra teach & listen. This is a whiteboards out, computers up, poster boards on the wall (that you'll take home with you) business building session of gold full of planning AND implementing together! I'm about action & results!


  • Our VIP Day is a live experience! We will meet at a luxurious & high vibe location fit for a shine queen. Then, you'll be served with breakfast as we discuss our plan for the day & go over logistics & any questions you have. Then, we'll spend the morning conducting a deep dive into your business & mapping out the strategies of your plan. Then, we'll break for a fabulous lunch.  By the afternoon, we're usually done with planning & focus on implementing pieces of the plan we built together. Our VIP Days are currently held in Albany, New York, USA of which clients travel in for. However, depending on your date scheduled for, there may be an opportunity to host yours in New Jersey, Virginia Beach, Florida, or Washington DC). We'll determine your location after we receive your application. 


  • After our amazing VIP Day, we'll have a 30 minute follow up session to check in & answer any additional questions.

Before Your VIP Day...

  • You'll receive a 30 minute Preparation & Planning Session so we can review the plan of attack for our day & get any last minute questions you may have answered so you come calm, energized, empowered & ready to shine for our day

If you want to confidently show up, shine, & explode in your business so you can get paid as the powerhouse woman you know you are meant to be in business and life, then I’m your girl! Are you ready to SHINE!?


If you are ready to talk about what your VIP Day could look like, let's chat. Hit the red button to schedule a complimentary chat with me today. Remember, these book up quickly. 

PS, Want to hear from more women who have had their very own Monetize Your Expertise VIP Days? See some of Kierra's Client Love here

I can't wait to add you as my next shine success story! 

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