Clarifying Your Expertise & Niche When You're A New Coach or Consultants

What do you do? - Those are the words you dread when your family asks at dinner or people ask at networking events!

You're palms get sweating, you feel like you are about to vomit up millions of words, or you just have a blank stare kind of look. 

Or maybe you're that person who are shout it out. But then the questions start with lots of confused faces staring at you, "What does that mean? Can you explain more?" (But there's always that one person that says, "Oh ok" then moves on!)

Being able to communicate what it is you do for your clients, what type of results you help them achieve, & why someone should hire you versus all the other coaches or consultants in your industry is a non-negotiable if you want to create a profitable, marketable, & impactful business with the right clients! 

So many new coaches & consultant get this wrong. So much so that it ends up costing them their business. 

It's really easy when you're looking online & you see what other people say in their videos or in their post. You get all, "Oh, I like that. I do that too." Then you add it on one of those sticky notes you have laying around or copy & paste it in your notes someone on your phone. 

Do you know how many people are doing that?! 

Then the industry begins to look & sound the same. What does this mean for our clients, for your clients, especially because you're trying to sign your first client so you definitely need to listen up! You began to blend in & fade out. 

You give them a give to compare you to other coaches and consultants because you sound the same so much so that the only thing that is different is your price so then they start to only care about that. 

But for my clients, it's all about me walking them through a process that's been able to help dozens & dozens of brand new coaches & consultants clarify what their expertise & niche is so they can uniquely & authentically shine in it. 

That's why my clients who are brand new coaches & consultants whose name no one knows are still able to sign $500-4000 clients, because they know what of their gifts, experience, & expertise will help their clients achieve the results & transformation they desire AND they are able to powerfully communicate it in a clear way that makes them THE hands down, no brainer option for their clients. The price becomes the secondary topic. Isn't that what you want?!


The first step in this process is building your mindset as a new coach or consultant to actually sign your first client. There is a certain mindset shift that needs to happen for you to even starting thinking about taking your expertise & packaging it into services, speaking, & digital products. 

For a lot of us, especially women because that's who I primarily serve, we are so used to giving, giving, & giving again that the idea of simply charging someone for something that may come easy to us or just feels good doing because we are passionate about, it is hard to wrap our heads around. For many of clients, simply getting comfortable making money in their business is a challenge too because they think they are not enough yet, too new, haven't had clients yet, don't know enough, need a certification or a degree. 

Giving away our expertise for pennies, discounts, or even for free should NOT be our normal! 

If no one else is telling you or you are having a hard time remembering, YOU have a level of expertise that YOU deserve to be paid for, and paid well for! 

Are you joining the movement to STOP giving your expertise away for pennies! #MonetizeYourShine

Disclaimer: You may be reading this like Kierra I know what I do, I post on social media, I have an offer put together, this isn't for me. Well let's me real, if you are NOT getting clients & kinda have your messaging but it's kinda not working, you need help. And it's nothing to be ashamed of. I've worked with women who had been in their business for 6-9 months before they came to me, trying to do everything on their own, even taking courses & they just couldn't figure it out. I took them through my Expert Business Blueprint to Signing Your First Client & they finally signed their first couple of clients. 

But, what if you don't have your offer, or having your messaging all over some notebook, and haven't even created any kind of content or anything yet, you just want to get started. 

Well, here are 3 questions I want you to reflect on to help you get clarity on your expertise & niche! 

Once you can clearly communicate what you do, you can create your offer, content, & start to get visible. It's easier said then done I know, which is why I have people just like you signing up for The Expert Incubator to learn step by step how to do this & have access to me for feedback along the way. Gold! 

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